Carino’s Italian Restaurant

Last night Hubs and I joined a group of friends at Carino’s Italian Restaurant to celebrate my birthday with some good food, and great conversation.  I love getting people together, and Italian food is my favorite!  Yum!!!!!

What I enjoyed:
The atmosphere, being able to see the kitchen kept small children intrigued and interested in what was going on around us.  It was not super loud, with overwhelming music, and comfortable.
The Food: Hubs ordered the Italian Pot Roast with roasted veggies, it was so tender it nearly fell apart on a fork, just amazing!  I had the Cheese Tortellini, cheesy and flavorful, and a large portion as well.  I really enjoyed our food.  Everyone else seemed to as well, except one friend at least at first, because they forgot to make it.  Someone from the kitchen did come out and apologize which I thought was nice, and they did get it out quickly after that.

What I did Not enjoy:
Our Waiter:  He just did not seem to listen at all.  When I asked for a coke he refilled my water, and did not bring a Coke.  So I asked again, and then he brought me a Dr. Pepper.  This happened to nearly all of us at the table at different times of the evening.  He brought the bills out before we were partly through our entrees and never asked if we wanted dessert. (and yes I wanted dessert along with a few others).  After we ordered dessert, our new bills came out all messed up, and he tried to tell me I was wrong and I did not know what I ordered.  :/  I am pretty sure I know what I ate, and it was not Mahi Mahi, since I don’t eat fish that was pretty certain in my head.  Then after explaining how the dishes got mixed up, he tried to tell me it was okay because all the desserts cost the same.  Well that is awesome but our dinner’s did not cost the same and our bill had half the food we ordered, and half that someone else ordered.

Over all, I loved the food, and had a wonderful evening with friends and Hubs!  We will be going back to Carino’s but if necessary I would ask for a different waiter.

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