One more time. or Something new?

One more time. or Something new?

I love Christmas, I love Winter, I love how the air turns crisp and clean, the smells of the holidays, cinnamon, cloves, cider, evergreen trees, peppermint, pies baking, its MAGICAL.  It is my favorite time of year, and for me it starts NOW.

  • Planning which tree(s) will go up
  • How/when they will go up
  • Which decorations will be on each tree
  • Rearranging furniture to accommodate the decorations

This takes days of planning, because we have 3 trees in a 2 bedroom apartment.  Last year I had so much fun! I began the first week of November with our “Centerpiece”.  After Thanksgiving we put up the rest of the decorations.  This is what we did last year:

Upside-down Christmas tree as our table “Centerpiece” for Thanksgiving

When I was little, like 7 or 8 years old maybe, I went to a Christmas party with my mom at a nice hotel in Omaha, NE.  As we walked down to the event ball room the hallway had a green tree hanging upside down, with snow and nature-like branches and things in it, and on the floor below the tree, there were wicker animals and fake snow.  I fell in love with that tree.  It stayed with me in my head for years, (over 20).  For me I loved the idea of the tree as a focal point, to draw attention, and I did not want a green tree, I wanted a Silver one.  It took some time to find a silver tree, that had a base which would work for hanging upside down.  

Step 1: Hang tree

As you can see, I started with 2 anchored plant-hooks in the ceiling, and put the base upside down secured into them.  Next I put the largest section of tree into the base and secured it with the bolts included with the tree.  The top 2 sections, well that is another story.  Normally trees use gravity to stay together, and I had the “brilliant” idea to use packing tape.  :)  I was way overly confident, but that happens later.  

Don’t do this!

I got ahead of myself, I put the lights on, and ornaments and then tried to pin the skirt to the ceiling and wall….Houston we have a problem!  All of the reaching, poking and bumping had a tragic result.  

I cried! 

My packing tape idea failed me!  Thank goodness for Hubs, who saved the day, and only 1 ornament broke.  The correct order of putting a tree upside down is:

  • Plant Anchors
  • Base
  • Skirt
  • Secure tree together (see note below)
  • Hang tree from base
  • Lights
  • Ornaments

(NOTE)  Hubs had a plan to hang the tree, he took a plastic anchor for paracord, and attached it to 8 feet of paracord.  He secured the anchor in the top (smallest section) of tree.  It was wedged in there!!!  Then he threaded the rest of the cord through the hollow “trunk” of the tree.  Then I held the tree while he used the bolts in the base to secure the tree to the base, and then tied off the paracord to the base as well.  (all of this took place AFTER the tree skirt was on the ceiling, using strait pins for sewing)

This tree stayed in place until Jan 30th

We hid the cords behind the curtains/blinds/and under the skirt, so that we did not have cords hanging down from the ceiling.  

Light purple, child-friendly tree.
Our other trees included an 8′ green tree in the living room and a child-friendly smaller tree with soft and unbreakable ornaments.  Its Purple!
Green Tree!

Last year was awesome, but now I am left with one question.  One more time, or Something new?  Do I try to hang the tree upside down? or maybe come up with a new plan for all the trees, I am not sure.  I have been thinking about it for a couple of weeks and I still do not have a plan.  I need a plan.  November is flying towards me like a freight train!  Any suggestions…..



  1. I love the idea of hanging a Christmas tree upside down!! How cool is that!