What is AFAP?

What is AFAP?

A –   Army
F – Family
A –  Action
P –     Plan

AFAP is an Army-wide program to improve Army quality of life.  Through AFAP, all members of the Army, including Active, Reserve, and National Guard Soldiers, family members, retirees, surviving spouses, DA Civilians, and military technicians have a forum to voice concerns to Army leadership and make recommendations for change.

Issues are submitted throughout the entire year, either in boxes at the post office, commissary, ACS, (each post has different locations) or online through your Commands website or ACS page.  Then once a year, October for Ft Bliss, a wide range of spouses, active duty enlisted, officers, retirees, widows, DoD civilians get together in work groups to come up with solutions that CAN change the quality of life for the entire Army Family as a whole.  Each and every Army instillation has an AFAP program.  Army wide issues that come out of a post conference, will be sent up to the next level, and beyond. 

This year I am volunteering (not being made to but choosing to) and participating with AFAP here at Fort Bliss, just like I did last year here.  I think that it is a great opportunity to get involved with the solutions instead of just complaining about the problems.  

— Free Online Tutoring for Military Students
— Distribution of Montgomery GI Bill benefits to Dependents
— Noncompetitive Appointment Authority for Spouses
— Annual Leave carryover increase from 60 to 75 days
— Funding for FRSA’s at the Battalion Level
— Extended Educational Benefits for Spouses
— Dental and Visual Insurance Coverage for Federal Employees
— Military Pay Table (targeted pay raises)
— School Liaison Officer Positions
— Military Thrift Savings Plan 
— TRICARE for Life for eligible Retirees
— BOSS Program Policy
— SGLI Increases
— Minimum standards for Army Child Care
— In-State Tuition for Military Dependents

-Car wash on Main post 
-Saturday clinic at Biggs Family Care Center

This year I am in the Benefits & Entitlements workgroup.  In previous years this workgroup was called family support, and encompasses a very wide range of topics, from roads and traffic issues to MWR and social media topics as well.  

If you submitted an issue this past year, you should be able to find the resolutions and recommendations on your ACS or MWR pages.  For Fort Bliss resolutions Check Here, or Army wide, Here.  

As much as I would love to share more about each days events at AFAP this year, It is not allowed, so you will have to check out the final results on the Fort Bliss MWR page once the conference is over.