Kinley’s House Coffee & Teas

Kinley’s House Coffee & Teas


A few days ago, I met a couple friends at Kinley’s for coffee and conversation.  This was my very first time going to Kinley’s House, and I was surprised that it is in a stand-alone building.  Even though there is not a lot of parking spaces, we had no trouble finding a place to park, and it is just minutes from UTEP.

With seating outside on the patio, and inside with chairs, sofas, and tables, there is a spot for everyone.  We even had room for the stroller holding a little one.

Being the coffee girl of the group, I ordered the Zebra Mocha, Espresso – White & Dark Chocolate – Steamed  Milk, and I could not resist trying the Mocha Cupcake in their display case.  My friends ordered Chai Tea, and Ginger Ginseng Tea, Oatmeal with fresh fruit topping, and the Banana-Nutella Crape.  These are not the items you find on the menu at the bigger national chains.


The items I chose were delicious!  Coffee was the perfect temp, not too hot to drink, but did not get cold fast either.  I even had that fun design in my to-go cup from where the barista poured in the steamed milk.  It made me happy, even though, by the time I tried to take a photo the design was disappearing.   My cupcake had a good deep mocha flavor, but the frosting was VERY sweet, so I only ate a little bit of it.

As we watched the preparation of the oatmeal, and crapes, I noticed that they do not use instant anything!  The crape batter was freshly prepared just for my friend, and the oatmeal came out fluffy, not mushy or like paste at all.  Fruit fresh cut, as it was ordered, not frozen.  We had a great time at Kinley’s House, and I am looking forward to going back again soon with Hubs.

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  1. Yum, that cupcake looks wonderful! Now I need a snack!!

  2. I agree with the comment above that the cupcake looks good. We don't have a Kinley's House where I live. When and if we get one we'll definitely go.

    Thanks for the review

    Kristie Betts

  3. Looks so yummy!!

  4. what a cute little shop! i wish we had places like that here