On the Hunt!

On the Hunt!

     I want to try Gluten Free for Jen’s recipe for BBQ Beef Cups, which was featured on a post by Rudi’s Gluten Free Bakery, as an awesome recipe, in order to try the actual recipe I need Gluten Free Bisquick.  This is not something we have on hand.
     Today I went on the hunt for Gluten Free Bisquick.  Should be easy right?  Its a national brand, every store carries regular Bisquick so most will have the GF version, is what I assumed.  (ASSUMED!)  I should never assume anything because 2 stores down and neither had it, but one was just sold out.  So I went to Walmart which is right down the road, and I went to where the pancake mix is at, right?  Nope, I found all the pancake mixes and generic brands, I even found another gluten free brand.  Still looking, and no Gluten Free Bisquick, in-fact no Bisquick at all!
     Now I was annoyed, how can Walmart not have bisquick!  I was on a mission to hunt it down.  Eventually, I did track it down, with the bread crumbs.  Strangest place to find them, hiding on the bottom shelf!  It should not be this hard to find pancake mix.

     We are not exclusively gluten free here, but I do want to try some of the recipes on the Gluten Free for Jen’s  blog.  I have noticed she likes to use the mix I found tonight, so I am excited to try them!  :)  I will let you know how it goes.  


  1. Thank you! Yes GF foods are hard to find in regular stores and easier in health food stores (I am very grateful for HyVee!). I am going to make a mental note not to buy GF stuff from walmart. That picture is screaming cross contamination! Lol

  2. I am often dumbfounded by some of the items not available in my stores.

  3. Seriously, how can they not have Bisquick? That's insane! Then again, I'm often shocked that Walmart doesn't carry something I consider to be very basic, but they carry the most random non-basic thing.