Photos for a friend

Photos for a friend

For Tash, a blogger at Pretty Little Dragonfly, in Australia dreaming of visiting the US, here are a few photos for you, of some random adventures in the places we have lived.  Its a bit of randomness, and they are not in chronological order, but I will do my best to describe them.

There really are so many photos I could share with you all, especially Tash, but mostly  you just have to see them in person to appreciate!  Wish we could trade places for a month and explore each others countries.


Sunrise in Nebraska, Cass County.  Taken out the window of my moving car going down Highway 1, on July 13 2004, with an old 35mm camera.

 Nebraska cornfields!

 Yep I am sledding down there, with my cousins and Hubs during his R&R 2008

 This butterfly was obsessed with my shoulder for nearly 10 minutes, it would not go away, and I am terrified of moths and butterflies.

 Museum in Kearney or Hastings, I cant remember which city it is in.


 Balloon Festival, an annual event, I went to every year I lived in Colorado Springs.

Eastern Colorado, on a road trip.

 Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO.

 The photo above and below are taken in a small town in Colorado.  Very Pretty!

 Royal Gorge!  Fun day trip :)

 See that bridge!  I walked across it, and I am terrified of heights!  Royal Gorge is fun

 The little floating blip up there above the mountains and canyon, suspension tram, and I rode in it!

Garden of the Gods, I love those red rocks!


 Hotel in Anchorage, Alaska, Long House Alaskan Hotel.

 Home sweet home!  325 sqft of chaos!

 This was taken at the Chena River, at 10pm.  Sun still high in the sky

 Pipeline Park

 Helping a friend load up her truck to move to Anchorage, from Fairbanks.

 Ice Museum at Chena Hot Springs Resort

 Annual ice sculptures

 You just have to be there to understand this photo


Texas (western)

 El Paso zoo, we have a membership and go often!

 View from Scenic Drive, of El Paso Texas and Juarez Mexico.

 El Paso Balloon Festival

 Fort Bliss Army stuff!  This was our Nephews favorite vehicle when they were visiting.

 Sand Sledding at White Sands National Monument.

 White Sands!


 Sweet!  It showed here!


  1. I really enjoyed these photo's, there are some great shots and beautiful scenery! That bridge though (Royal Gorge?), there is no way I could have done that, I am terrified of heights too, kudos to you for being able to conquer that!!!

  2. These are such beautiful pictures. They make me long for a vacation!

  3. Wow~ what an amazing photographer you are!!! These pictures are amazing, thankyou so very much for sharing them with me… Nebraska sunrises look incredible, the cornfields look a lot like our Queensland cornfields haha I guess a corn field is about the same wherever it is! Oh Sledding! I've only ever done that once in my life, on a school trip back when I was in year 6 (age 13). It sometimes

  4. Great shots in there for sure! Love them! You'll have to come by my new blog about photography and other stuff too! LOL! Be patient it's brand new and I don't want to start going all out until I get my design done. I'm on a waiting list! :( Love teh bridge shot! GORGEOUS!!

  5. Coffee Matters :

    Thank you! These are some of my favorite photos from our adventures. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to live in so many interesting places, and get to experience so much.

  6. Beautiful pics…..such pretty country!

  7. Beautiful pics of lots of places I had never heard of! Thanks so much for sharing!