Colorful Deviled Eggs!

Colorful Deviled Eggs!

Why should the shells get all the fun?
There is usually only one time of year that I choose to make deviled eggs, which happens to be Easter weekend.  I do not care for the peeling of hard boiled eggs, because frankly, I do not have the patience to do it nicely.  Peeling eggs is like me making pancakes, they come out lumpy, and in pieces because I try to rush the process.  With that said, I do love deviled eggs, so once a year I put on my “Patience Cap” and get to peeling.
colorful deviled eggs

     The result is fun eggs!  I figured, if I spend the time to take the shells off, I might as well add a minute or two and make the deviled eggs fun and yummy.  It really is simple, and the kids can help too.
     Coloring the eggs is just like coloring the shell, except it takes a lot less time to get some super vibrant colors.  For my colors, I used food coloring because I did not pick up any egg dying kits this year but they work just as well.
hard boiled eggs

For the bright colors, I used 1 part food color to 5 parts vinegar, and then added enough water to cover an egg in each cup.  Let each egg soak for about a minute and it is finished!


The rest of the process is like any other deviled egg recipe.  Yolks, mayo, mustard, salt and pepper, all to taste!  I use a piping bag for frosting, to put the mix into the eggs so it looks prettier and less messy, topped with paprika on about half the eggs.  I love deviled eggs, these will be lucky to make it all the way to Easter Sunday, (2 days from now hahaha)

     Total time from raw egg to finished colorful deviled eggs, is about an hour.  The colors only add about 5 minutes of time to the whole process and it will be the centerpiece of your Easter table.

Have you ever made colorful deviled eggs?


  1. Cute idea. Definitely makes deviled eggs look festive for Easter!


  2. These are adorable! Can't wait to make them tomorrow.

  3. This is such a great idea. I also saw that someone else cracked the shells first, and then dyed the eggs with the cracked shells. It made a pretty marble pattern on the eggs for deviled eggs. I love these. These would be great for a party. Pinned to keep and share.

  4. Makes the eggs look so much prettier.

  5. Awesome idea! I love how bright the colors look. They look so cute and tasty too!