#Oasap Shopping for a Welcome Home Outfit #milspouse

#Oasap Shopping for a Welcome Home Outfit #milspouse

     Viv here today!  I know that it has been a very long time since I have posted anything, but my husband has been deployed and with taking care of my daughter and pets life has been craaaaaazy!  I am nearing the end of this deployment, which I could not be happier about, but it also means I need a great outfit to welcome my Soldier home.  I don’t know about you, but when I see my husband for the first time after almost a year I do not want to be wearing something he has seen me in 100 times before.  Logicly, I know he does not care if its a new outfit or not, but I care and that is why I have been on the hunt.  
      I want something not super dressy, but nice and still comfortable because the last time my husband came home from deployment my cousin and I sat around for nearly 4 hours waiting in a hot gym.  Sounds simple right?  Not so much, because I have also lost 30 pounds so I am dressing a whole different shape too.  
     A few weeks ago, I had applied to be part of the OASAP Fashion Hunter Team, but I did not dream they would accept my application because around here we are mostly just every day life bloggers, not strictly Fashion Bloggers. Well I was accepted and so excited to see if I could find something unique to wear for my husbands welcome home ceremony.  Through the program I will recieve credit towards the purchase of clothing or accessories on the OASAP website.  
     I sat down one night to look for a dress or shirt, something different, after I put my daughter to bed and I was surprised at the amount of items available!  There are more than 26 pages of tops and blouses!  I was a bit overwhelmed, but I narrowed it down to a couple tops that I thought were very pretty, and then called my cousin because that is what we do.  
     I ended up choosing the Contrast Chiffon Short Sleeve Slim Blouse, which only comes in a One Size, but looking over the measurements I thought would fit just fine, and as you can see it does!  I love the soft pink color and the feel of the fabric.  I will be wearing a longer white tank under it for the home coming ceremony just to add more length at the bottom, but over all I love this shirt and I know it is the one I am wearing to welcome my Soldier home!  For only $26, I could not ask for a better fit nor a better shirt for this ceremony!  

     I also picked out the Rhinestone Embellished Sweetheart Earrings, and I fully plan on wearing them with my new shirt!  They are a bit larger than I expected from the photo on OASAP, but they are not super heavy, and very cute.

     Overall, my experience shopping was a great one, and I found exactly what I was looking for.  Now I am set to welcome home my husband from this deployment.  Now can we just fast forward several weeks?

I received a credit to make a complimentary purchase in order to facilitate this review from OASAP. This is 100% my own honest opinion. No one has influenced my thoughts.   This review is based on my own experience with this product.


  1. Your husband will think you look beautiful. Great outfit choice!

  2. How beautiful….. I think he will like the shirt but just know he may or may not see it from being so happy to see you.

    I wish you guys the best!

    Still Dating My Spouse


  4. You look great in your shirt-I'm sure your husband will appreciate it!

  5. I love this top! I saw it on Pinterest before coming here and was already saying to myself that I want that top! It is so soft and delicate looking, perfect for the upcoming date night. Thanks for letting me know about it. The earring are absolutely beautiful too!

  6. Love the shirt and the earrings…they are beautiful!

  7. Great choice, Im sure he will think you look great xx

  8. That shirt is super cute… happy for you that your Hubby is coming home soon. =)

  9. That is such a great choice. I love it!

  10. It was a great choice, and you look great in it!

  11. That is so gorgeous. It's so hot and humid where I live. It looks like you can wear that in the day or evening.

  12. that looks beautiful on you! my hubby is deployed also and i cant wait for him to come home next month!!!

  13. I love the shirt and you look great!!

  14. Looks great

  15. Pink is very pretty

  16. Congrats on your hubby coming home! I am sure he will love it

  17. It is nice when you have all those choices. I love what you chose.

  18. You look fab!

  19. Love LOve Love it!!!!!

  20. Beautiful! Congrats on the weightloss as well!

  21. The color of the top with your natural skin color is fantastic. Yeah! Homecommings are always an exciting time, I wish you all the best transition ever.

  22. That shirt looks phenomenal on you, and congratulations on your recent weight loss–that is amazing!

  23. I love those earrings!

  24. That top is really cute!

  25. Our deployment is coming to an end too! YAY! I need to start shopping for a coming home outfit

  26. Lovely blouse, I am certain your husband will love it

  27. I'm excited for you! I've got warm fuzzies in my stomach, living vicariously through your upcoming reunion.

  28. The earrings are gorgeous and you look very nice!!

  29. Love the top, would be great for a dressy night out. Would add a necklace!

  30. Love the top! And love how our guys don't care, but we aer the ones that do

  31. The blouse and earrings are lovely!!

  32. Beautiful earrings and you will WOW your husband in that top! Have fun!

  33. Wow…the top you chose is beautiful…and I am not normally a chiffon type of person. I love all these great opportunities that companies offer to people to learn about their company…so great!

  34. That is a beautiful top! I need to check this out for my daughter! Thanks for the GREAT review~!~!~

  35. BingBang

    Love the shirt and I also saw another fb page trying to sell these earings 0_0 for about 30-40 dollars

  36. You will be beautiful. Hope it is the sweetest of times.

  37. Very nice. It looks good on you.

  38. Cheryl Chervitz :

    I love it, and it is a good price.

  39. The shirt looks great on you! and the earrings are beautiful!

  40. Looks great!

  41. Jessica Thompson :

    Love the shirt!

  42. This was a very lovely choice. Looks very nice on you.
    Enjoy the homecoming.
    mtakala1 AT yahoo DOT com

  43. It lokks very good on you

  44. great choice!! Love your syle!! I love the earings..!

  45. i'm sure you could wear a paper sack outfit and he'd still be thrilled to see you!

  46. Betsy Rubendall Barnes

    Your choice looks amazing on you! Great blouse :)

  47. I haven't heard of this website. Beautiful blouse.