Decorating with Vinyl, Coffee Style

Decorating with Vinyl, Coffee Style

Decorating with vinyl

I love vinyl wall decals and decorations.  It is such an easy way to update any room with all the different vinyl wall decals that are available.  What I do not love is trying to move them.  I know that most are removable, and I have had lots of success taking down different designs and sayings when we move.  But they never look the same.  I always manage to break the vinyl sayings apart, or warp the graphic vinyl designs.  The wall always survives, the designs…..not so much.

That is why, when we moved and I wanted to start putting things up in our new place I decided to take a new approach.  A great friend, from Ft. Bliss, has an awesome mom and she used her fun crafty machine (a Circut) to create some lovely coffee words for me.  I did not want to just put them on the wall, and then break them when we moved again.  So I saved them and came up with a plan this time around.

I picked up some canvas boards and square canvas’ in different shapes and sizes.  The plan was to paint and then add the vinyl wall decals to the boards, which can be taken down and moved anywhere every time we pack up!


coffee vinyl wall art (1)

First I cut all the words apart, and got down to arranging them on the boards.  I had 2 different colors of vinyl words.  A coffee brown and a deep purple.  I tried to set the vinyls apart, just doing one word on each board but that looked weird to me, it looked empty.  So I started stacking boards, colors etc.  That is when I got excited about the whole project.  I was texting my friend and her Mama the whole time because I was so excited!

I painted to boards, to coordinate with the different colors of my Anti-Creeper Curtains, the Pleated Drapes, and the colors of the vinyl!  Waiting for paint to dry takes forever, and patience is not one of my better qualities.  :)  It took two coats of paint to fully cover the canvas boards.

coffee vinyl wall art (2)

Then I placed the words and started attaching them.  Have you used vinyl before?  Its super easy, all you do, is peel off the backing and stick it to the surface where you want the final design.  Then using a smooth hard edge (like a debit card or a true vinyl scraper) to make the vinyl stick to the surface.  Lastly just pull of the top paper, go slowly making certain the vinyl is sticking where you want and not pulling up or curling at the edges.

coffee vinyl wall art (3)

Once everything was done, we hung the boards over the top of our kitchen cabinets.  I say “we” but really it was Hubs.  I do not stand on step stools, they are not my friend!  We used the Command strips with the sticky and the velcro to hang them all.  I love using these because they are easy to adjust if your photos not quite level, and there are fewer nail holes when we move!

coffee vinyl wall (11)

     Have you decorated with vinyl in your home?  What do you like about it?




This is not a review, or sponsored post in any way.  Just some ramblings of our life and home :)


  1. I love this! It turned out great!

  2. Love the great idea. Fantastic way to decorate.

  3. Will you come decorate my house? You always have such cute crafty ideas!

  4. How neat! I am so not creative at all and would never have thought of this!