Getting to know Missoula, Montana

Getting to know Missoula, Montana

     It has been a few months now, since we moved to Montana and I am really enjoying getting to know this new area we are living in.  It is very different from El Paso, Texas where we were living before but in a lot of ways the city of Missoula reminds me of other places we have lived.  The mountains look similar to ones in Colorado Springs and Fairbanks, the trees remind me of Nebraska and every now and then I see a military uniform or the Missoula Armed Forces Reserve center which reminds me of every military post I have been to.
     It is nice to find things here that remind me of other places that I have loved.  I know that given time I will LOVE the city of Missoula or at the least feel “at home” here.  If I remember correctly it took about 6-8 months to feel at home in El Paso, even longer when I was living in Colorado Springs.  Every time we move I seem to settle just a little bit faster.


  1. I love the mountains they look so serene

  2. Those mountains are beautiful. You did a great job on the pictures as well.

  3. Hope you are all settled and enjoying the life there!