I am a CoffeeCon Blogger! #Travelin4Coffee #CoffeeCon

CoffeeCON Official Blogger
I am so excited!
 I have been invited to the CoffeeCon 2013 conference as a VIP Blogger

     CoffeeCON is the brainchild of Kevin Sinnott, a passionate coffee consumer who began publishing his reviews of coffeemakers in the 1990s as The Coffee Companion now as a coffee blog. Sinnott enjoyed attending coffee trade shows but envisioned a consumer event that had all the best elements of industry shows minus the extraneous business context he felt ran counter to the desires of passionate enthusiasts. Kevin is taking the conversation about specialty coffee happening on-line among consumers, bloggers, roasters, brewer manufacturers and farmers so they can meet face to face at a live caffeinated event. All the tweaks and hacks will be shared along with hands-on classes. The result: better coffee for everyone and a fun time.

     Last year, CoffeeCon had over 2000 coffee consumers attend! This year is looking like another great event, with classes on home roasting to Turkish coffee and so many more! I can not wait to hit the road for the May event! I will be driving and visiting some family and military friends along the way!

     Keep your eye out for all of my #Travelin4Coffee posts leading up to CoffeeCon and through the event! Check out the CoffeeCon page, and if you can make it to Chicago this May I would love to see you there!

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  1. I am so excited for you and can not wait to hear about it!