A day in Chicago! #MilSpouse Adventures #Travelin4Coffee

A day in Chicago! #MilSpouse Adventures #Travelin4Coffee

     One great part of getting invited to CoffeeCon this year was seeing friends and family.  I got to stay with an amazing friend, because her Mama rocks!  We met down in El Paso, Texas when both of our Hubs’ were stationed at Ft. Bliss and we lived in the same building.  We still talk daily, ok several times a day on the phone and both husbands still wonder, what on earth we talk about all the time.
     As military spouses, we meet friends everywhere we go but we do not always get to see them again.  That is one of the hard parts of military life, when duty stations and 2,000 miles separate friends, who really become more family than friend.

     I was lucky this time, my trip took me right to her front door.  Well, 30 miles away so it was perfect!  We went to CoffeeCon together, and I even dragged her to the cocktail party with me.  I got to spend time with her family and her kids, who I just love!  Then she took me to Chicago for the first time!

      First things first, I can not parallel park.  I am driving in downtown Chicago.  This ends up being a major problem, and invokes about a million giggles, hand gestures and screaming as we navigated the streets.

Cloud Gate – Chicago

      While technically this is called Cloud Gate, Amanda kept referring to it as “The Bean”  so I had no idea what on earth she was talking about going to see at Millennium Park until we rounded the corner.  Of course I had never seen this before today, except for on tv/movies where it looks a lot less like a bean than it does in person.  Now I understand Amanda :)

     Depending on where your at, it can be VERY difficult to find yourself in the reflection!  This was the easy part.  

Can you find us in the reflection here?  

Buckingham Fountain (Photo Source)
     My photos of Buckingham Fountain just did not turn out, by the time we got over there it was so windy that the water was just blowing everywhere!

      I had never seen Michigan Lake before this day either!  Its HUGE!  Ok, so maybe that was known to everyone but me until now.  
Photo from Navy Pier

     I do not have a photo of the Ferris Wheel, its a long story but imagine 2 kids who were worn out, cranky needing naps and cold because it was so windy!

Navy Pier USO


      I took this photo to remember where we parked.  It did not help, but I parallel parked!  Just Kidding, :)  Still can’t parallel park to save my life, but I did snag a spot right in front of a alley so I could just scoot on in!


So excited at Hershey World Chicago!

      They turned the wheels, the candy fell down, they thought it was the COOLEST thing on earth!

     The grown up’s thought the Hershey’s Mocha and a cookie ranked way better than the loud machine, but then again, what do we know?


  1. Glad you had a great time in Chicago! I live about 70 miles from downtown…right across the border in Wisconsin! We never get tired of visiting there! There is always something going on!

  2. That looks like a great time!! I would love to attend that conference!