CoffeeCon 2013 Thoughts and What I Learned! #Travelin4Coffee #CoffeeCon

CoffeeCon 2013 Thoughts and What I Learned! #Travelin4Coffee #CoffeeCon

     CoffeeCon 2013 was so packed full of classes, roasters, people and events I could not put it all into one blog post.  In-fact this is #2 just for the event on Saturday May 4th.  Every day of my trip has gotten its own post so far!  Earlier I posted my Photo Journey through CoffeeCon, but i wanted to take a moment and share some things that I learned as well.  
CoffeeCon is the ONLY consumer coffee event in the world!
  • Regrinding coffee in a blade grinder can restore some of the freshness lost while it was sitting on the pantry shelf
  • Burr grinders are better for grinding whole coffee and getting a consistent outcome
  • People can be VERY passionate about which brand of grinder they use, and will import them from other countries around the world, just to have their favorite
  • Several coffee shops had never heard of Glass Dharma Glass Coffee Straws! But now they have!
  • Getting to try out the BUNN My Cafe coffee maker was fun, I have never seen a single coffee maker that takes KCups/makes hot water/uses pods AND ground coffee
  • Any coffee you create at home, can be made on the road!
    • I need a portable hand grinder for coffee!
  • Converting a large Pelican Case, for the coffee consumer to add their on the go products … interesting
  • George Howell presented a very interesting coffee workshop, from Farm to Cup and everything in-between.  
  • I would love to sit down with George Howell over coffee and try to soak up all the information that he has already learned.  

  • DO not, and I repeat DO NOT try over 30 different coffees on an empty stomach, before lunch.  
  • You will end up with the shakes and quite possibly begin planning your world dominance, and consider whether or not you could fly if you flapped your arms hard enough with burlap coffee bag.  
    • Ok, so maybe that was just my experience, but next year I will be eating breakfast first.  :)

  • Turkish coffee, is “worth the wait”.
  • It may take substantially longer than other coffee methods but it was delicious!
  • I NEED a Turkish coffee pot!  
  • Do not boil Turkish coffee
    •  it will bubble and get “frothy” but boiling is bad
  • I would love to stop by Senem’s Coffee & Tea House the next time I am in Chicago, her presentation on Turkish coffee was really interesting and her accent reminded me so much of my friend Shereen, which made me really miss her!  

  • Cup of Excellence is a program that strives to recognize excellent coffees around the world
  • Based here in Missoula, Montana (who knew I could meet someone from my own back yard 2000 miles from home)
  • I really enjoyed the coffees from Honduras, Columbia, and Rwanda that were rated this year!  
  • I would love to know more about Cup of Excellence and the entire program. 
  • I wish someone in Missoula, consistently, carried these coffees!  They would make excellent gifts for coffee lovers. (Hint, Hint Hubs!)

  • Lavazza Espression had a display set up and one of their frozen treats, which I never did catch the name of.  IT WAS AMAZING.  Like coffee dessert without being an ice cream, or slushie, it was just good!  I wish there was a local place, I would visit there too often.  Maybe its good there isn’t one in Missoula.  :)

  • Glazed and Infused donuts saved my morning when I forgot breakfast.  Delicious and worth every single penny, this donut (which was infused with coffee) was wonderful!  I would drive past several “big chains” to have one of these instead.  

  • BUNN Air Infusion class was informative.
  • Agitating coffee as it brews COMPLETELY changes the flavor!  Who knew?  Well apparently BUNN did since they have a cool Trifecta machine for home use that adds air to the brewing process to make your coffee awesome.  
  • Changing the length, type of agitation changes the coffee flavors even more and can bring out or remove subtle flavors within a coffee bean.  
  • Oh yes, I want one of those too!  (Don’t tell Hubs this one, because it is out of our budget but maybe some day I will have one) 
I wish I could have attended more classes, there were so many that I just could not make it to like Viennese Coffee, Hosting a Cupping party, listening to speakers Christy Thorns/Oren Bloostein/JimSchulman, French Press class etc.  Next year, if they are offered, I will be attending some new classes and learning more!
  • I drove round trip, right at 4,000 miles and the trip was worth every mile!  
    • Next year I will fly
     I tried over 50 different coffees in a single day.  Woke up the next morning and still enjoyed my cup of coffee.  Yep, I am a coffee lover! As a VIP Blogger, I came home with 6 different types of roasted coffee beans, 2 travel mugs, a new coffee maker from Kitchenaid (was delivered a few days after getting home) a DVD about making great coffee at home, and a new cd that came in handy on my drive home!  (Soon I will share my thoughts on all these coffees and products, not because I am “reviewing” them but because I enjoyed them!)
     I would have loved to see more coffee products, although I am not sure where they would have set up.  This year the main atrium was full!  But more products like companies with travel mugs/accessories/etc would have been nice.  The ones who brought products to sell, seemed to sell out quickly!
     I had so much fun getting to know the speakers and bloggers that attended CoffeeCon this year, my first impression of everyone was a bit off and now I am so glad that I have met these wonderful people.  I feel inspired to learn more this year, about coffee and about myself!  

*Disclosure* This was not a review, or a sponsored post.  This is just my experiences from the trip to CoffeeCon 2013 and my thoughts.  


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