CoffeeCon 2013 Wrapup: Would I do it again? #Travelin4Coffee #FinalThoughts

CoffeeCon 2013 Wrapup: Would I do it again? #Travelin4Coffee #FinalThoughts


 Would I make this trip again, knowing everything I know now?  In the words of Budder – “YaYa!”.  Budder is under two, and that is his favorite word it was also his first word as well.  I miss that little man, he was our neighbor when we were at Ft. Bliss.  But, I am getting off topic I think I need more coffee to focus.

     My trip to CoffeeCon was fantastic, chaotic at times but worth every mile that I drove.  All 4,000 miles, just travelin’ for coffee!  I learned so much about coffee, from its origins to just making a good cup at home, and understanding the different flavors present in one coffee bean but that is hidden in another one even if they are grown in the same country.

     I got to see my family for the first time in 2 years, and I got to spend time with Amanda and her family in Braidwood, IL as well as our insane trip to downtown Chicago.  Getting a chance to see the family I was born with and the family that we have collected because of the Army, made this trip even better.

     I could not have made this trip without some great sponsors who helped cover part of the cost.  Driving 4,000 miles isn’t cheap!  United Mayflower Container Moving Systems, Cross Country Cafe, and Glass Dharma, RS Property Management  and some really great Military friends all helped to make this trip possible in one way or another.  Without them, this trip would not have happened this year.

     So yes, I would make this trip again and I am looking forward to next year, but next time…..I am flying or taking the train.  I have no desire to drive through another May snowstorm in the Midwest again!

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*Disclosure* This post was not a sponsored post, but I do mention sponsors within this post.  They did not pay for this blog post but did help to cover some of the expenses of my trip to CoffeeCon with advertising on the left sidebar on my blog.


  1. Elizabeth T :

    I would make that travel too! I hope it comes back I would love to go and hope to get an email when it will be coming back around :)