Day 3: #Travelin4Coffee Nebraska Record Snow in May and Family Time! Getting to CoffeeCon!

Day 3: #Travelin4Coffee Nebraska Record Snow in May and Family Time! Getting to CoffeeCon!

     Day 3 was spent in Cass County, Nebraska.  That is home for me!  It was great to see Pappy and surprise him by being back.  I have not been back since Gramita’s memorial service almost 2 full years ago and spending time at home was really needed.
     It snowed over night.  The first time since there had been a measurable amount of snow in May for Nebraska since 1947!  I guess my Sister In-law was right, I brought the Montana weather with me as I traveled across the country.  

     I took some time and went to the cemetery, that was really hard for me.  Emotionally, seeing my Gramita’s name on a headstone was tough but I needed to go, and see it for myself.  Pappy did such a great job designing it.  In the words of Viv, “It’s classy just like she was”.      

     I went through Gramita’s cook books to write down a few recipes for Pappy and that was just fun.  She used cook books as journals, when she would make a recipe she would note the “who/where/what’s” of the days events.  

     I love flipping through her cook books and seeing what was going on when she was cooking up a recipe. I have been doing the same with my cook books too.  
     Later that night, I joined some of my family for dinner at Round the Bend Steakhouse.  I love that place!  I loved it before the new fancy location, back when it was a little hole in the wall bar looking place in a tiny “blink and miss it” town!  

     Round the Bend is home of the Testicle Festival! But, no we were not eating beef fries that night.  Thursdays they do a $5 Burger basket, and that was the choice for our group!  

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