Day 5 #Travelin4Coffee Attending CoffeeCon 2013 and friends!

Day 5 #Travelin4Coffee Attending CoffeeCon 2013 and friends!

     Welcome to my photo journey of CoffeeCon 2013.  There will be another post with some great facts I learned while I was there.  I started to combine all of the photos and everything I learned but the post ended up being WAYYYYYYY too long.  It even bored me, and I was there!  So I decided to break it up.

       Beginning of the day, the IBEW event center was just starting to fill up!  

 Live music throughout the day
pour over coffee maker, I want one!  

Yep I tried them all! This was the I have a Bean table.   

My Cafe from BUNN, it uses KCups, Pods, Ground Coffee or you can just get hot water!

 Yum coffee!

Metropolis had the coolest temporary tattoos, I grabbed a couple for Amanda’s daughter, she loves tattoos! I still have one on each foot, these do not want to come off at all!

The luncheon with Kitchenaid was fun!  See that Espresso Maker/Milk Steamer, its not even available yet!   

Roasting on the grill

Coffee roasted on the grill at CoffeeCon 2013
This man was SERIOUS about his coffee and traveling with it.  See that big black case on the right?  That’s his “small” coffee suitcase.  

 Cup of Excellence is based out of Missoula, Montana!  Who knew I would meet someone from our town all the way in Chicago?!?!
 Seriously, I want one!  That BUNN Trifecta is amazing and it does make an excellent cup of coffee!  I got to play with one in the BUNN Trifecta Lab!  

     Who knew that a little bit of air could take one type of coffee and make it taste 3 different ways!

Follow all of my CoffeeCon trip posts here!  #Travelin4Coffee, I took so many photos at CoffeeCon 2013 and on my trip.  It was just not possbile to get them all in a blog post.  I created an album on my Facebook Page with additional photos!  

*Disclosure* I was invited by CoffeeCon to attend as a VIP Blogger, that is how I was at the BUNN Cocktail Party, and the Kitchenaid Luncheon.  These two events were not open to the public.  All the other aspects of the event were!  I did have Sponsors such as United Mayflower Container, Glass Dharma, and Cross Country Cafe who helped to offset the cost of my trip.  


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  2. WOW! You had a great time! I know I want coffee now! Not what I have here at home either! LOL I need to figure out a way to get invited next year 😉

  3. Elizabeth T :

    I want to go!!! How I would be in coffee heaven no doubt about it! I need some more info on this for sure :)

  4. Love the photos! Such great looking machines too. Mine isn't that nice looking but thankfully it works!