#Travelin4Coffee Day 1: Add this to your Bucket List! #CoffeeCon

#Travelin4Coffee Day 1: Add this to your Bucket List! #CoffeeCon

     Heading to CoffeeCon!  I headed out of the driveway before the sun was up.  It was so pretty heading East, and seeing the sun rise behind the mountains!  I wanted to get a bunch of photos, but driving and taking photos at dawn, just really isn’t the smartest of ideas.  Although I devised a system to get some pretty nice photos later in the day and still get some time driving down the road too!
     Day 1 consisted of driving all the way across Montana, which was great because the views are quite amazing.  I did not take the time to pay attention to the views as much when we moved up to Missoula last winter, because of the driving conditions.  This time around I did get a chance to take in some wonderful views.

     The sky was so many different shades of blue in one day, it was just awesome to watch and see how it changed!

     The drive is unbelievable, and if you ever have the chance to make it up to Montana, it is worth the drive!  Even the views from the interstate are great and you can see mountain after mountain, as far as your eyes can see!  

     After the sun came up, the drive was smooth and the clouds were so pretty!  Plus I had plenty of coffee thanks to Hubs!  :)  He devised a crafty way to take extra coffee to go and keep it warm.  (I’ll be posting that eventually)  There are lots of little roadside attractions across the entire trip I took today, A T-Rex museum in Wyoming, and then Fort Custer (pic above).

Crazy Horse Memorial: Photo From Official Site

     Then of course into South Dakota with Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and the Badlands!
My favorite stop today was Wall Drug!  I have seen so many signs across the northern Nebraska roads, and in years past at Mt. Rushmore that I had to stop in Wall, SD and see the famous Wall Drug Store.

     All the way across the state of South Dakota, and into a few surrounding states you can see billboards for Wall Drug Store.  The billboards are just funny and they go on for hundreds of miles!  The one up a bit, is advertising 5 cent coffee!  :)  I tested that sign and it really is 5 CENTS!  That made me super happy!  

     Inside is like an old timey western town with each area being its on little shop.  Like the Book Nook, which was full of …well books!  Then there was the Country Corner with all kinds of sweets and treats, I even found Huckleberry candies!  But the part that caught my attention was the homemade fudge!  

     The leather shop smelled wonderful!  Purses, belts anything you could want or need made of leather, and there were the typical touristy sections, where I found my postcards and a thimble.   
Map of Wall Drug Store: Photo from Official Site

     Don’t forget to get your picture taken with over 10 different statues ready to pose!
     I was more than ready to stop for the night when I got to Wall, SD.  The day started off beautiful, but as you can see from my photos as the day went on, the weather started to mess with me a bit.  First it was a sprinkle or two, then  while driving I saw a wild fire!  Next a bird hit my windshield and chipped it!  Thank goodness for added insurance on a rental car.  Then I ran into a mix of snow and ice, but luckily this only lasted a short moment and didn’t stick at all.
     It was a great stop, because I have seen Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse. It was the end of the day I had to choose between seeing them again, and going to Wall Drug Store. If I had more time I would have been going there too!  Maybe on my way back home, never know what I will decide to do while I am on my way.

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*Disclosure*  this is NOT a sponsored post or review, just me rambling about my trip :)


  1. Roadtrips are so much fun!! I would have gone straight to the T-Rex museum and just stayed there forever haha The scenery looks absolutely amazing, you must really be enjoying your trip Jessi :) Are you super excited for CoffeeCon?

  2. Amazing Pictures! I forgot about Wall, SD lol I would love to take my kids up there some day!

  3. Love these pics! That is a great route to travel.!

  4. This looks like it was a blast! I've always wanted to go North.

  5. This is one of my all time favorite places to travel! Your post makes me want to come back for a visit!!