#Travelin4Coffee Day 2 on the road: MAY SNOWSTORM! #CoffeeCon

#Travelin4Coffee Day 2 on the road: MAY SNOWSTORM! #CoffeeCon

Day 2 of driving to CoffeeCon started out beautifully!  I packed up the car in Wall, South Dakota without any shoes on.  Just a beautiful morning.  I had no idea what was in store for me later in the day.

Road trip to CoffeeCon

Road trip to CoffeeCon

On my way out of town I snagged a sad sad, very sad photo of the Wall Drug Dinosaur, I am blaming a lack of coffee on the state of this photo.  I took like 5 pictures and after editing them all (some were half cut off)  this was the best one of them all, so I found another online to share as well since it is a really need sight!

Read on for more craziness, like record setting May weather.

Wall Drug Dinosaur



Driving across the central and eastern parts of South Dakota can get a bit boring, but I did find a cool Airstream RV!  I have only ever seen these as trailers so I thought it was interesting.  You can kinda see that the weather is not nearly as pretty as it was on Day 1 of this trip and that was just the beginning.

About 30 miles west of Sioux Falls, SD I started seeing bits of snow out in the fields, but the roads were dry and nothing was falling at the time.  Seriously it was May 1st, 2013 and I saw snow.  I snapped a couple photos!

May Snowstorm South Dakota

May Snowstorm Iowa

I thought the snow was pretty cool at first! Then I quickly changed my mind.  It started falling like I would hope for at Christmas!  Just south of Sioux Falls, SD and all the way through Iowa it snowed.  There was a brief break somewhere in Iowa, where I snapped a pic but for the most part it snowed so hard I could not get photos.  I thought it was better to arrive alive :) than to get a cool picture.

At one point I was on the phone (speaker/hands free) with my Mom as it was sleeting and hailing, so much that it was piling up on the roads.  Then the crazy people ahead of me slammed on the breaks and about 30 cars all went sliding to a stop.  I thought the semi behind me was going to come through my back window and kill me for sure.  All I know is I stopped and so did everyone else, but I must have been screaming or swearing because my Mom was on the phone asking what happened and if I was ok.  Which  was thankfully!

Side note: May snow….NOT COOL!

The snow continued until 30 miles outside of Omaha  Longest 3 hours of my life!  I am thankful for my Mom and Kandi for keeping an eye on the weather and talking me through all the snow and ice I saw.


State Street



I had to stop by and surprise Uncle Bob, because its just fun!  He cried, :) Which is awesome because hes just a great big teddy bear and one of the coolest, hard-working men in my family.  It was good to be home!

1,375 miles traveled so far!  #Travelin4Coffee

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  1. I love the giant dinosaur! So glad you got to surprise your Uncle as well!

  2. LOL my kids would freak out if they say that HUGE dinosaur!! I wish to one day travel the world and see all those beautiful sites.