Water Fight with Sponges!

Water Fight with Sponges!

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     So the other day, I was on the phone with A, she’s great friend from Ft. Bliss.  We were chatting about how hot it is down there, and dry because it is the desert.  She has had several water balloon fights with her neighbors since it started heating up, but none of them like picking up the mess that comes with the fun!  Plus all of those broken balloons are a choking hazard with babies around the house.  

     I suggested she use sponges, and she thought I was nuts.  A big wet sponge is heavy, and she has small kids – it could knock one of them over.  Silly A, I meant to cut them up!!!!!!  :)  

     A few days passed, and I did not think much of it until I received a text message with 5 photos attached.  The kids had a blast squeezing the water out, throwing the wet sponges at each other and then they started painting the ground with water too!  

Sponges instead of water balloons!  

     Fun for everyone!  Plus the clean up was super easy according to A! They will be doing this a whole lot more this summer.  


  1. LOL this looks fun and might not actually hurt as bad as the balloons breaking n your skin.

  2. What a great idea! plus you can use them over again which will save a lot of money!

  3. We just had a massive water balloon fight at the RV park where I work. There were 3 teams of kids. I think they spent a good 45 minutes at different water valves just filling balloons before they ever got a chance to throw them.

    This looks like they much, much faster fun. A few buckets of water strategically placed and they could have had warfare that lasted longer too. Great

  4. This is cool I never thought of sponges, the girls here have done water ballons, but I personally get tired of picking up the mess and filling the balloons this would be much more fun and faster, will have to try it this summer…

  5. We had a pool party in July for our children and their cousins. I so wish I had red this post first. It would have been more fun!