Guest Post: Interior Design Trends that will Never Die #Design #Trends

Guest Post: Interior Design Trends that will Never Die #Design #Trends

     Interior design is a passion for many people. There are those that love nothing more than to completely overhaul the look and feel of a room or even an entire home. In many cases it can be a big job to not only choose the style of a room and home but also actually creating the look can be time consuming and can be quite expensive.

     There is no rush to create the new look over night; it is something that can be done gradually to make sure just the right look is created.

Interior design has been a popular past-time for years and there are some trends that show no sign in losing popularity…

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Textured, Patterned and Featured Wallpaper

     Wallpaper is the perfect tool to transform a room. There are so many different styles patterns and colours available that making the final choice can actually be the hardest decision. The most recent trend is to have one wall in a room that has vibrant or heavily patterned covering it, otherwise known as a ‘Feature wall’. Wallpaper not only brings much needed style and colour to a room, but also makes the space feel warmer and cosier, something which is so important in spaces such as the living area.


     One of the most popular trends and not just for vanity reasons. Mirrors reflect the light that enters a space and creates a larger feel within a room. They come in all shapes and sizes and fit easily within any room. Yes, they are often seen as a necessity, but they can also be used as a main feature within a room and create elegance, a modern feel, or simply used to fill an empty space on a wall or a corner for example.

Four Poster Beds

     Four-poster beds are the epitome of elegance and style. They are one trend that will never lose favour as they create a regal feel to any bedroom. They are perfect for any age and gender and can again be the main feature within a room as they naturally dominate and draw the eye within any space. The perfect thing about a four-poster bed is the fact they do not have to be huge in size, you are able to easily get single and princess beds in four-poster so they can fit within any space no matter how restricted you are.

Hallway Runners

     Hallway runners are adored not only for the style they bring but also for the practicality of them. Hallways are typically small spaces that don’t allow for much design and style. Hallway runners perfectly protect the flooring in the hallway and add some warmth and vibrancy to a restricted space. Whether they are antique, modern, creative or vibrant, they are able to easily tie in with the style of the rest of the home in the simplest of ways.

Venetian Blinds

     Again, they are loved for their practicality. They give the opportunity to shut the world out and allow you to enjoy the privacy of your own home. The blinds keep out the light and create a feeling of security and retreat. They are a real design feature, similar to that of curtains and can fit all window sizes in any room and be stylish and well used.


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