Military Moves: 7 months and still waiting

     I hate moving!  This last move (packed up on Nov. 17, 2012) has been a nightmare.  It is what PCS Urban Legends are made of!  I have a big long rambling post waiting to be completed, once I finalize the claims process.  Its a long story!  But I did want to give you all an update.
     Today I spent the better part of my day on the phone, being told to call someone else – or simply being hung up on.  We are still working on the claims process, but have been paid for part of our damaged items.  Some of which have even gotten fixed recently, or taken in for repair!  I can’t wait to get our steam cleaner back once it is working again.
     The 4 items that are still “in limbo” are 2 missing ones, and 2 broken ones.  One missing box is a $4000-5000 box containing 87 Xbox games and 4 controllers.  Gee I wonder why no one wants to deal with me, and the missing box!
     I am frustrated, and angry.  We have never had a move go this bad, no one we personally know has had a move this bad or a claim that has taken so long.  But today there is a little hope!  I spoke with someone at the Military Claims Office at Ft. Lewis.  And he seemed to understand my frustration and has handed a file off to his manager who should be calling me within the hour.
     I just want this move over with.  Taken care of, and off my mind!