Will the Keys find their way Home?

Will the Keys find their way Home?

     Bare with me here for a minute, my age is going to be showing with this post.
     We are going to start by stepping back in time…… 12 years – give or take.  It was spring of 2002, roughly 6-9 months after 9/11 happened.  I was 20 years old, and living in Nebraska.
     Actually living with my Grandparents at the time, one had just had major shoulder replacement surgery – and while she was in surgery my Grandpa had a heart attack in the waiting room.
     It was a crazy time, I was working and going to school.  Trying to help them out as much as I could and one day between work and class I stopped home to grab something, and ran upstairs to talk to the G-parents real quick.

     I may have been upstairs 5 minutes and I didn’t even stop in the basement for anything.  As I went to leave I could not find my keys.  They were gone!  I only had 30 minutes to get into Lincoln – from Weeping Water which is more like a 45 minute drive so I searched a bit, grabbed my spare key and left.  I figured by the time I got home, Papa (Grandpa) would have seen them laying somewhere obvious and all would be better.
     I should know better, I do now but back then I was still learning the hard lesson of “If it can happen, it will – and in Jessi’s home”.  Over the years, it has become obvious that the “highly unlikely” is very likely in my house, no matter which state it is.  Anyways, I am getting off track.

     No keys showed up on the steps that night (which is where Papa would have set them).  So in the morning I went through the upstairs.  Pulled the sofa apart, because that is where I was sitting.  Checked Grandmas pill box, because I had checked to see that she had taken her pills that day.  Counters, Bathroom, Kitchen table….. they keys were nowhere!
     I don’t even know how that was possible!  I had only been there 5 minutes!  Over the next few weeks, I continued to look for my keys.  Luckily, I had a spare set of keys for my car and I made new sets of keys for my Grandparents house and other keys that I needed.  Eventually, I gave up looking for the original set.
     Summer of 2004, I had forgotten about the lost keys and moved to Colorado.
     Fast forward through 5 years in Colorado, meeting Hubs – getting married, moving to Alaska, and then down to Texas to 2012!  I get a phone call from Papa, he wondered if he may have found something that belonged to me.  I didn’t even consider my keys, but he was holding them in his hand!  He knew they were mine because of a keychain from my high school on them.
     10 years after I lost the keys, he found them in the sofa.  THE SOFA!  You know, the one I took apart to look for them in?  Yep! He was going to mail them to me one day, but he got to the post office and did not have my address with him.  So I told him to just hang on to them and when my Mom visited, or I visited one of us would grab them.

  •      Mom went back to Nebraska to visit, and forgot to grab them while she was there in 2012.  
  •      I went back to Nebraska during my CoffeeCon trip across the country, but Papa and Grandma were down in Alabama for a family reunion with his side, so they were not even home when I was in town!
  •      Mom went back for another visit this year, just last month.  She picked up and keys!  Once back in Colorado, she planned to put them into a “mama care-package“.  Well, the care-package arrived, but the keys did not.  somehow they never got into the box, and were still in Moms’ luggage bag.  

     She sent me the photo this morning, currently the plan is for the keys to return to me when Mom and Mr. Ron come to visit in August.  I do not need the keys at all, but at this point….its just funny that even though the keys are not lost, they still are not home.
     Somehow, I am thinking something will happen and the keys still won’t make the trip to Montana this summer.  Maybe her suitcase will get lost? Or they will be on the counter when Mom and Mr. Ron leave for the airport?

     When and how will the keys will make it home?


  1. I see you have labeled this in Colorado Springs. Is that where you are now? We have just PCSed here a few weeks ago!

  2. WOW. That is probably the craziest "lost object" story I have ever read. O_O

  3. That is a great lost object story! Thanks for sharing with us!