Gift Baskets for Wildfire Victims with Christmas Lights

Gift Baskets for Wildfire Victims with Christmas Lights

     This morning I was on the phone with my Mom, we talk pretty much every day, and I was telling her about a post I am working on next month about crafting.  The plan is to do another “Crafting around the Country” post, like we did last week, with some military friends, and this time we will have the kids make noodle necklaces.  Hubs’ and I will be making garland for our kitchen themed Christmas tree!  (Yes I know it is early to be thinking about Christmas lights, garlands, and themes but I can’t help myself!)

Photo from Christmas Lights Etc. 

     It was this conversation that reminded her about one of the companies at her Networking Meetings this week.  _________  They were talking about the wildfires in Colorado Springs this years Black Forest Fire and last years Waldo Canyon Fire.  Frank, at All Windows and Doors Plus, was talking about how he made a bunch of gift baskets for the victims of the wildfires.  The part that caught my Mom’s attention, and mine, was that he did not fill the baskets with your typical stuff.

     Two of the items he liked to put into the gift baskets were kitchen spices and Christmas lights like these  Why?  Because donations rarely include kitchen spices, and they are expensive to replace.  Then Christmas lights because they make people think of happy moments, and help to remember to add their seasonal items to their inventory for insurance companies!
     I just thought this was a wonderful idea, of adding something fun and happy to a gift basket full of items that were needed, plus the reminder to add those things to the insurance inventory list.  I am going to keep this in mind during the fire season here in Montana.


  1. Everyone love gifts and surprises and if its come in a Gift Baskets then its awesome because basket contain different tyoe of gift. I love gift basket to give to loved one.

  2. This is a great idea, thanks so much for sharing!