While Hubs is away…

While Hubs is away…

     This week was the start of Hubs’ annual National Guard training so I dropped him off on Saturday morning.  He will be back in the beginning of August, but until then I am on my own.  I started off with, what I thought was, a “fool proof” plan to get a bunch of things done.  I should have known better!

The green color is called Slightly Bitter Absinthe 

     I am working on a furniture project that is 2/3rds completed.  All the messy parts are done, now I just have the finishing work to do and it will be looking great!  I can’t wait to show you the finished product!

     Here is a sneak peak, it’s the inside corner of my project.  Plus a peak at 2 great finds, from wandering around Missoula with Hubs’ and his Mom last week.

     I went to lunch with a friend on Monday, we went for some Chinese food here in town.  Now, normally I am not a fan of buffet places.  There is just something about the idea that kids could put their hands in the food without anyone noticing that creeps me out, but it was an early lunch time on a weekday.  That made it better, and I did have some wonderful food and great conversations.

My fortune cookie way waaaaayyy off

     Yesterday and today I spend with the dentist, and recovering from that visit.  Bleh!  I truly hate going to the dentist, because I have spent too much time in that chair.  I wish I could wave a magic wand and create a whole different set of teeth, ones not prone to my family genetics.  That would be my wish, if I had a fairy Godmother just appear one day.  :)

   Oh and I got a new phone!  I asked a friend, Amanda #2 (yep there are 2 Amanda’s in my world) to join me in phone shopping and she even went to the dentist with me as moral support.  She ended up being my first photo on my new phone as well.  She will probably kill me for posting it :)

     Hopefully over the next 2 more weeks with Hubs’ gone I can get some more projects completed like I had planned, and then I might think the fortune cookie was right.  But for now, that cookie has been way wrong because all kinds of things are becoming obstacles!  Especially dealing with the dentist.


  1. Oh no I hate the dentist too!! Although I don't visit as often as I probably should. I'm glad you finally got it sorted though. Hmmm a colour (yes me and my Aussie spelling lol) called 'Slightly Bitter Absinthe'? That's one I haven't heard before! I really love that teapot too, I keep thinking when I'm old and grey I'll be one of those crazy people who collect

  2. lol :) Thank you thank you *bows* I will be here all week… Good luck with ur tooth lady 😀