Why haven’t I renamed my blog?

     Last week I was in Colorado Springs visiting some family and hanging out with friends.  While I was there, I visited my favorite part of town – Manitou Springs and Old Colorado City.  I love these areas because they are like small towns.  Little shops line “main street” and people gather on the street and chat.  Anyways, I am off topic.
     While I was wandering around Old Colorado City, waiting for my Mom to join me.  Occasionally I was on the phone with a friend, and then I was talking with a company about a possible review I may be doing here in the next couple of weeks.  I did not think much of the phone calls, I was out on the sidewalk, and the conversations were not private.  But as soon as I hung up with the company, I was quickly reminded of where I was.
     A woman came up to me, I will call her SpouseA because I did not care to ask her name.  :)  SpouseA proceeded to ask me a million questions about my blog, which I answered and gave her a business card.  As soon as she saw the card she wanted to know why I had not changed my blog name?!?  She had overheard my conversation with the company about our Military life and how it has changed since I started my blog.  She was adamant that I NEEDED to change my name.  Her reason?  She thinks I am “using the military to further my career when we are not a military family”.  SpouseA was on a roll, I stood quietly listening because I knew that anything I said would not matter.  She said a lot of things that made me wonder if her only identity was being a military spouse….
     I think my favorite part of her ranting was when she accused me of using HER husbands service to earn money….?  At that point, I did giggle a bit and just walked away back to my car and called my Mom to see how long until she arrived.  But it did make me think of answering the question on here, as to why I did not change my blog name.
     It is not a secret that, since starting this blog, Hubs has gone from Active Duty Army to the Montana Army National Guard.  That transition was made just about 7 months ago.  I have blogged it all.  There are very few things in our life that are kept private.
     I purchased my domain name almost 2 full years ago.  I own www.caffeinatedarmywife.com.  It is my business name.  Would the owner of a magazine change their name, because of a life event change?  How about a department store?
     Also, one of my reasons for not changing my blog name is because the military still is a BIG part of our life, as well as the VA.  Hubs’ still has to keep his hair a certain way, clean shaved one weekend a month (woohoo!!!) and he is still gone at least 3 weeks a year.  He can still be deployed, he is still an Infantryman.  Have a lot of things changed?  Yep, but at the end of the day I am still tripping over Army gear, and trying to get the funk out of combat boots!
     I do wish I was more active with other Guard families.  I wish I knew even 1 other Montana Army National Guard family here!  I would love to share more things about the National Guard with my readers but since I am a bit “out of the loop” here, I have not been able to do that.
     There may come a day when I do decide to change my blog name, but more than likely if I do that I will just start a whole new blog.  One thing I know for sure is that will not be happening anytime soon.


  1. I personally think that that woman had no right to question you, it is your choice and yes the military had and is having a major influence on your life and you family history. Be proud of it and ignore others who are so shallow minded. You will always be a military family whether it is retired or what, but military blood and family runs deep.. Ex Navy Brat here..

  2. I think that Spouse A needs to get a life. I could care less if someone changes the name of their blog to reflect a life change. I think that all blogs over time do change. So what? I don't think you're using the name nor abusing it to use money. If you changed the name of your blog, how would your followers find you? And it's not like the military is not a part of your life!!