Colorful Pasta for Family Dinner or Crafting! #MilSpouse

Colorful Pasta for Family Dinner or Crafting! #MilSpouse

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     Next week, we will be doing another round of Crafting Around the Country.  Our previous adventure was Tye Dye T-shirts.  We had fun, and it was a great way to be able to do something together even with all of us being thousands of mile apart.  

     This time we will be creating pasta necklaces, or pasta Christmas tree garland or various other colorful pasta ideas.  There are several ways to get colorful pasta to use for crafting, but most of those are not edible.  Today I would like to share with you a way of coloring dry pasta that you can use for crafting, but also can cook up for a fun dinner!  

     Coloring your pasta needs to happen a couple days ahead of when you want to use them.  They need to hang out and dry, otherwise you will end up with very colorful children/home.  
What you will need:  

  • plastic zip seal bags (I like the dollar store kind)
  • food coloring-regular or neon colors, pastels tend to get lost in the yellowish tones of the pasta
  • white vinegar
  • plain pasta

   All you need to do is add pasta to your plastic bag, then place 3-4 teaspoons of vinegar into the bag.  It is going to depend on how much pasta you use.  The goal is to wet the outside of all the pasta with vinegar.  Then add a few drops of food coloring.  The more you add, the more saturated color you will get at the end.  

     I usually let these sit about 5 minutes (ish) and then spread them out on cookie sheets/ parchment paper/ wax paper to dry.  If you have a dehydrator it works great to dry the pasta but they usually dry overnight just fine.  I will be putting our pasta into the garage while they finish.  Make sure the pasta is separated, otherwise they will dry stuck together.  
     Once they are dry, you are ready to craft or to cool normally.  :)  This can also be done with regular rice and whole oats for different crafty projects!  

     I am so excited to be doing another project with our friends around the world.  This project will be including friends we have met through the Military, and will include Texas, Colorado, Washington, New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia and Germany!  I will be posting our finished projects next week!