My Shark Sonic Duo Experience

My Shark Sonic Duo Experience

(This is NOT a sponsored post)

     During our last move, our carpet cleaner was broken.  We loved that thing, it was so handy to be able to clean up messes in the carpet and saved us a lot in deposit fees!  The only downside to our old cleaner was how bulky the machine was.  It was huge, and weighed a lot but it worked!

     I have been putting off buying a new one, because of the price and because I was not sure what I really wanted.  Did I want another big heavy machine, that needed to be filled with water in the bathtub?  I did not know, so I waited.

     Then when my Mom and Mr R were in town, we did some shopping.  We came across the Shark Sonic Duo for Carpets and Hard floors at Bed Bath & Beyond.  I had seen it advertised and my Mom is a big fan of Shark products but it was $249… a bit out of my price range, but the same price as our old cleaner.  Well later that day while we were cleaning out my car we found a coupon for BB&B for 20% off.  We decided it was a sign.  The total purchase price was $199 (yay no sales tax in Montana!).

     What got my attention about the Shark Sonic Duo was not needing gallons of water.  It uses a small amount of concentrated cleaner, and it works on carpet/hardwood/tile/linoleum without major changes.  That really got my attention.
     What it uses is cleaning pads/cloth which velcro onto the bottom and the pads move at 1000 scrubs per minute!  Thats way more scrubbing than I ever plan to do on my carpet with my own 2 hands.  Still I wondered if it would work.  We have some pretty set stains on our carpet…mostly coffee.
     I followed the directions, but honestly my Mom read them.  :)  I hate reading directions!  We put a bit of pretreating on the carpet, waited 5 minutes and then let the Shark Sonic Duo do the scrubbing.

Mom posing for a photo

After cleaning, but carpet still a little damp

     I never imagined a machine, without wheels, could glide over carpet but the Shark Sonic Duo did just that.  Plus it bends in several areas to make it easier to maneuver around.  The cleaning pad was FILTHY after going over that spot on the carpet, I was thoroughly creeped out.  And as you can see, the carpet is much cleaner.  

     The best cleaning took place on the linoleum floors in the bathroom.  It was little an army of scrubbers attacked the 60+ year old flooring and made it shiny again!  
     We ended up doing most of the living room floor, because well…..I can make a mess of my coffee quickly, and it took out all the coffee stains!  I will miss the suction of our big machine, it came in handy when the bathtub overflowed mysteriously while I was at book club one night.  But I will not miss the heavy lifting involved with using that big machine.



  1. Wow! I actually just bought a Shark vacuum cleaner yesterday and LOVE it, now I think I need this! :) My carpet has some stains and we were talking about getting it cleaned professionally but for the price you could buy this and clean it when needed! Thanks for the review!

  2. this looks like an amazing Shark vacuum cleaner and I know I would love to try it with so many pets in the house there's lots of unwanted hair to clean up.This would help me out so much in keeping the house clean.