Perfect Afternoon Iced Mocha #Recipe #KissinTheCook

Perfect Afternoon Iced Mocha #Recipe #KissinTheCook

   I am loving this iced mocha recipe!  I have been meaning to post it for some time now, and earlier today a friend asked me about making iced coffee on my personal Facebook page reminded me to share it.

     I use my Sowden SoftBrew coffee maker to make cold coffee, but you can use regular brewed coffee and cool it off in the fridge, or make coffee ice cubes ahead of time.  Either way will work, but if you add ordinary ice cubes to your hot coffee – you may be disappointed with the watered down flavor.  Coffee shops use espresso, rather than brewed coffee for iced drinks.

My newest love:

2/3 cup coffee (I use cold brewed)
2 tbs flavoring/sweetener (I use a chocolate flavor from Torani)
1/4 cup milk/cream (I use skim milk)
Ice/Coffee Ice

     Sounds simple, right?  Thats exactly why I love this iced mocha recipe!  Simple and easy to make anytime, plus I can personalise it for my mood!  I can add whipped cream, toppings different flavors as long as I keep my proportions around the same, they come out great.

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  1. Iced coffee is really the only thing I will drink! I love how simple it is to make this! I will have to hunt down some of the Torani chocolate syrup and try that.

  2. This sounds so yummy! I am going to print it out and pin it to my fridge so I can remember to make it. Thanks!