Sowden SoftBrew Coffee #KissinTheCook #PitchList #Spon

Sowden SoftBrew Coffee #KissinTheCook #PitchList #Spon

     Back in May I attended CoffeeCon, it was an amazing trip!  I saw so many new techniques for making great coffee, and I got to sample some of the best coffees in the world.

     One of the ways I learned about brewing coffee is a low tech, and simple product from Sowden.  Sowden (sponsor) has a coffee maker system called SoftBrew Coffee.  I had a chance to chat with the rep from Sowden at CoffeeCon and see how their coffee maker worked.

     The purpose of the Softbrew™filter is to keep the ground beans separated from the water ­ thousands of microscopic holes allow the water to flow and take up the taste without over filtering whilst allowing some ‘fines’ to filter through to the coffee giving the typical ‘body’ of an excellent brew. The method is simple; place the filter in the porcelain pot, put coffee into the filter and pour over hot water at the temperature of your choice – that’s it! – from

     I was so excited when my Sowden SoftBrew Coffee maker arrived!  The first thing I noticed was the size of the packaging.  Its barely bigger than the whole system.  Not a lot of waste!  And now this may surprise most of you, if you have been reading my blog for a while,  I read the directions!  Yep, mark this day in history because I actually read the instructions that come with the Sowden SoftBrew system.  

Click to enlarge – Hot Brewing from Sowden

     Brewing could not be simpler!  Put the filter in the pot, add coffee and hot water, stir and wait 4-8 minutes.  Simple, and no electricity required!  The resulting coffee was delicious, it had a bit of the sediment that you find from all mesh/metal filters, a lot like espresso.  I added a bit of cream and enjoyed a good cup of coffee that morning.  

     Although I am not really the person to wait for my morning cup of coffee, so I tried the cold brew directions!  I figured, why not brew up coffee all night long while I am sleeping.  It sounds like a genius idea to me!  
Click to enlarge – Cold Brewing from Sowden

     If I were to use the Sowden SoftBrew Coffee system daily, I think this would be my route.  Me, making coffee before I have had coffee, has made some disastrous messes in our home but this way I can make it the night before and then come morning.  TaDah!  Coffee, ready to drink and waiting for me!  It requires less thinking before drinking, which to me is ALWAYS a good thing!  

Metal/Mesh filter with a
kagillion (very technical, I counted them all really lol)
tiny little holes

     For myself, I am preferring a finer grind to my coffee, when using the SoftBrew Coffee system.  The company suggest trying out different grinds to see which one you like, and I am so glad they did.  There is quite a difference in the flavor of coffee by just grinding it differently.  
     There are several styles and colors available, from mellow creamy colors to bold and black.  As well as different sizes, 2/4/6/8 and I think I even saw a 12 cup!  I have the OSKAR SoftBrew™ 4 cup, just like in the photos.  

For more information about the entire line of Sowden Softbrew products, including coffee and tea brewers see their Website or connect with them on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.  

Also, Sowden is sponsoring a giveaway next month during the Kissin’ the Cook event!  So check back on September 9th for the giveaway to begin!  

*disclosure*  I received the product mentioned above, free of charge.  I was not required to give a positive review.  All opinions are 100% my own.  


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