Candy Corn Wreath: Super Simple and inexpensive!

Candy Corn Wreath: Super Simple and inexpensive!

Confession, I am obsessed with Pinterest.  One look at my boards and you will understand the level of my current obsession.  I may or may not have over 100 boards, very specific boards.  While avoiding work, I started seeing clothes pin wreaths for almost every Holiday!

     I figured, hey I can do that!  I say that a lot while looking at Pinterest but this time I had some extra follow through on hand.  One thing I noticed about the wreaths on Pinterest is that they tend to be very detailed!  I am more of a simple wreath person, because over the years they get dusty!  I love the look of clothespin wreaths but even those can be tripple layered with ribbons and bows.  I love them, but not for our house.

That’s why I decided to create my own, using Pinterest as an inspiration but creating something that I would love.  I headed to the craft store to pick up supplies.  I knew I did not want to see the support for the wreath, so I couldn’t use a traditional base, or cardboard, foam etc.  Back with the doll making supplies I found a gold metal ring about 12 inches across, it was actually a macrame ring though.  And it was on sale!  Woohoo!  Then I went to look for clothespins but they were like $4 for 100 and that was more than I was willing to spend.  I picked up 2 colors of paint, each for less than $1 and a set of fall glitter paints which were on sale.

     I had to stop by the dollar store to pick up the clothes pins but everything else I needed was already in my crafty closet.

What I used:
90 Clothespins ($1 for 100 at the dollar store)
3 Colors of paint (Craft Essentials brand $0.64 each,)
3 Fall color glitter paints (DecorArt brand $1.88 after sale price)
Metal Ring ($0.98) 
Black Fabric (free, it’s a scrap from a previous project)
Hot Glue Gun (optional)

My total money spent was just over $5, but there is the extra paint for future projects.

The first step is to figure out how many clothespins you will need for the entire wreath.  My metal ring looked full with 86 clipped on, but they were extremely wobbly.  If I tried to pick it up they went all kinds of directions, so I smashed them around and fit 3 more on.  Once they were snug they did not move at all.  The entire ring was sturdy enough to pick it up and they all stayed put.

Then I sorted the pins into 3 different piles, one for each color.  Then into sections of 3, which didn’t work out so well so I decided that sets of 4 would work better for the color sections.  It was a bit of math and planning and I did end up with 2 extra orange clothes pins (they are hiding under the cloth hanger).  Painted each pin on the top, sides, and the opening which faces the center of the wreath.  I did not paint inside or the back just to save time.  After painting, I went over the tops with glitter paint, just 1 coat to catch the sun as it hits the front door.

After everything is VERY dry its time to assemble!  Earlier I figured out that I would do sections of 4 to make it look similar to the pattern of candy corn.  After you have all of your clothespins in place you could flip it over and hot glue the back in a single line to secure them completely but I chose to skip this step.  I figure that they are held in place nicely because they are squeezed in tight.  Plus if I ever want to change this around for different seasons or just something new for Fall next year I can, without a major overhaul.

Finally its time to hang the wreath up.  I took a scrap piece of fabric that was about 8 inches wide and 3 feet long and folded the sides in to hide the raw edges, slipped it through the center of the wreath and tied it to the coat rack on the back of the door.  No added holders or anything!  And my door still closes easily.

Most of the time I spent on the total project was waiting for paint to dry.  I love the finished look, and I think I am going to work on some ways to change it up for other Holidays too.  :)  Stay tuned for that post in the coming months.

*Note- this is NOT a sponsored post, just a fun crafty idea!


  1. That is really neat. Very creative! Nice job!

  2. This is really a cute idea! Easy for all ages to make! When I get home from up north I am buying the items and we are going to make a wreath. Davey and Isa will have fun!

  3. Love it. If I can only get my 5 year old to sit long enough to paint all of the pins, that would be fantastic. Maybe I'll try a smaller diameter so I use less pins.

  4. I love your wreath! It is really cute and completely you!

  5. Very cute! My kids are the perfect age to be able to make this on their own.

  6. I love pinterest, I just wish I had more time to follow through with the projects I find.

  7. I love crafts and pinterest. I look for new projects all the time. This is so cute.

  8. This is such a great idea! It is also very inexpensive, and something kids can easily do! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Such a cute craft–I really think I am going to try it for Christmas!

  10. So many neat crafts with clothespins! Love your post – you have inspired me to get out the hot glue gun! 😉