Craftin’ Around the Country Halloween Signs and & Coffee Filter Wreath #Fall #Craft #Coffee

Craftin’ Around the Country Halloween Signs and & Coffee Filter Wreath #Fall #Craft #Coffee

Halloween Room Decor

     I have some amazing creative friends!  When I put out the idea that we should all do fall crafts, even though we are spread across the country, they all got to doing what they do best!  Craftin‘ Around the Country is always fun, getting to create things with friends even when we can’t be in the same room is always interesting and keeps us all feeling close.   

     Mrs. A got very creative with her Hubs to come up with this great sign for their home!  Using some stenciling, freehand painting and a lot of patience.  I think this is so cute and fun, and beyond my painting abilities.  I am a stencil/vinyl person.  I do not have the ability to paint a straight line or color within the lines. 

     How cute is that sign?  I think it would be a great addition to any room, but just think of an entry way when Trick or Treaters come by on Halloween or any visitors stop by.  It is a great way to welcome your guests!  

     Mrs. A and her little man also got to crafting a wreath using one of my favorite craft materials, coffee filters!  I had the cutest photo of her little man painting them, but I have no idea where that one went.  I have been loosing photos left and right lately.  

What you will need:
Coffee Filters
Cups and paint brushes
Hot glue gun and several refills
Wreath frame

     First they painted the coffee filters using craft paint and water, a lot like color washing on wood but on coffee filters instead.  Notice how she kept track of drinking glasses and which ones were  paint cups?  The coffee filters under the cups also catch a lot of little drips and keeps clean up to a minimum. 

     Fully coat the coffee filters with the water color mix, and set them aside to dry.  I believe Mrs. A put a few in the oven on the warming setting to hurry the process along.  She isn’t one to be overly  patient.  (Somehow I think her Hubs is also the patient one of the bunch, but lets keep that between us hehe)  If you do this use caution, you do not want to start a fire, a food dehydrator would work well too, because you need a lot of coffee filters for this wreath.  

     Once they are dry, you can start to assemble your wreath.  Notice how Mrs. A sorted her painted coffee filters by color?  That is to insure you do not end up with a bunch of coffee filters all the same color in one large spot, when the rest of the wreath is random.  

     Grab the center of the coffee filter, and smoosh the outer edges together so you have one center spot in which to glue them onto the wreath frame.  Some of Mrs. A’s filters were glued in a single spot, some were glued in several to give her wreath some depth and dimension.  

Halfway done!

     I love her finished wreath.  I may just have to make one for Christmas this year!  Oh she did add one more tip, “Reward yourself for a craft well done!”  and attached the last photo.  Mrs. A cracks me up, I miss her and her little man!  

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  1. This looks so pretty & easy! I am definitely doing this!!

  2. I love this wreath. Thsi could be a great progressive project to do with my kids. Thanks so much for the idea. I also love that I can leave this up all fall and not just for Haloween.

  3. This is great! I've never crafted with coffee filters before, and it's one of those "why didn't I think of that??" moments for me! Cheap and versatile, my kinda stuff! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  4. Love this…going to attach a hidden cinnamon stick so it smells good too….thank ou for this

  5. Love this idea and looks really simple to make even the uncrafty like me might be able to pull it off.

  6. I like this wreath very much. Its eye-catching and quite original. I'm not much of a crafter, but I do think a wreath that catches the eye makes a great accessory to a home and holiday.

  7. That is a neat idea! I never thought of coloring them! I saw a wreath made with unbleach coffee filters and a twine initial in the middle and it was BEAUTIFUL! Thanks got the great idea!

  8. What a cool idea and not expensive. A great craft idea to do with your kids as well.

  9. I love, love, love the subtle colors of this darling wreath. I can picture my 9 year old GrandDaughter and me making a different colored wreath for every season and holiday! :)