Bootastic Feet and Ghostly Crafts for Kids

Bootastic Feet and Ghostly Crafts for Kids

     This weeks Craftin’ Around the Country post comes from Ft. Bliss.  They spent the afternoon creating Bootastic Feet, and Spooky Ghosty Plates!

     The Spooky Ghostly Plates were great for their 2 year old!

You will need:
Cardstock (or paper plates)
Glue Stick
Cotton Balls
Construction Paper for eyes and mouth

     Putting them together is easy.  Adults – if working with super small kids, cut the bottom off of a paper plate, so the ghosts have a bottom.  Also cut out the eyes and mouth.  If your kids are old enough for scissors this is a great way to work on their fine motor skills!
Spread glue over the plate, and stick the cotton balls on to cover the whole plate.  Lastly glue on the eyes and mouth.

     Next they made Bootastic Feet using cardboard from a shipping box, a bit of paint (in this case painted by an adult, but depending on the age of your children this would be fun to let them do it all) and then the ghosts are made out of a glue pad.  I had no idea what a glue pad was so she sent along a photo of that too!.

     You could use white paint, but the glue pad gives the ghosts a more transparent look, when you sprinkle some glitter on top.

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  1. That first ghost craft sounds super easy!

  2. Love the feet-ghosts. My kids would have so much fun doing this activity.

  3. Those are really cute! I love the one with the feet!

  4. I love feet crafts! Might have to think about this for next year.