Franken-Coffee: DIY Reuse those Coffee Cans!

Franken-Coffee: DIY Reuse those Coffee Cans!

   I say this a lot, but I really mean it, I have some crafty friends!  Just the other day a good friend of mine at Ft. Bliss send me the cutest little craft ever.  And it was completely FREE!  I don’t know about you, but free is the best way to craft to me.  

     I was on the phone with Amanda when she dreamed up this project, and she was so excited about it that she nearly hung up on me.  She is funny like that, well I guess so am I.  I get so “into” a project that other things just kinda…go away, until I have finished with the craft or creation I am working on.  

     Luckily, Amanda remembered to snap a few photos while she was crafting this time.  
     You will need:

  • Coffee can
  • Paint (green & black & white)
  • Googly eyes (or paint)
  • Glue (for eyes only) 
  • Paint Brush

     Amanda created this after her family carved pumpkins.  She had a leftover coffee container, this one happened to be a plastic Folgers tub, so the lid was already black.  

     It took a few layers of paint to cover up the red, if you had a random primer sitting around the house that would make the paint go on easier.  Spray paint would work as well.  
    Once you have let the green fully dry, its time to get creative, with a few “stitch” marks and eyes.  Amanda used paint and googly eyes, which were left over from her Ghostly Pops craft.  She made big white eyes, and then once the paint was dry – glued on the googly eyes.  

     I love projects that reuse everyday items that we all seem to have in our homes.  Plus, this one is just cute.  You can check out all of the other “Craftin’ Around the Country” posts Here!

This is not a sponsored post in any form.  Just a fun crafting thing my friends and I do to keep in touch after the Army has moved us all around the country.


  1. this is so cute! I am def going to make one with the kiddies!

  2. Way to go! Environmentally friendly.

  3. That is such a cute idea!

  4. That's a really neat idea!

  5. That is very clever. I love learning about new crafts!

  6. Such a cute idea! I've seen those Tide Pods containers used like this too!

  7. Those are a very cute craft for Halloween! Thanks for sharing!