Last Minute Halloween Crafts for the Whole Family

Last Minute Halloween Crafts for the Whole Family

halloween crafts

If you have been following my series, Craftin’ Around the Country, then you know I have some very creative people in my life.  Even though we have all been moved around by the Army, we still try to “get together” and do projects.  Lately we have been creating Fall and Halloween crafts, for kids and adults to do.

This last post for Halloween crafts comes in from Ft. Lewis, WA.  Where Jessica and her girls (H) & (A) have been getting very creative this year, as well as a few other ideas from the East Coast!  From spider wreaths, to pumpkin paper bags and a few other ideas thrown in for fun as well.  One thing I love about Jessica’s crafts is she tries to put a learning side into them.  Most of these are simple, and you already have the items in your home.

     First up is the Spider Yarn Wreath.  I love yarn wreaths!  In fact, I made one for any season a few years ago, and you can see my instructions on how to make one here.  Jessica, made the wreath herself because her daughter, A, would not have the patience to sit and wrap all of the yarn.  She is a busy little one!

“I measured the diameter of the foam wreath and drew lines on it after deciding how many sections I wanted. Then I just wrapped to the line before switching to the next color. Normally I am not so scientific. Haha, I am much more of a guesser.” ~ Jessica

For the spider web center:  “I glued one piece of yarn across the center. Then I tied smaller pieces to the center of that piece and glued the other ends onto the wreath. (Does that make sense?) Then I just wove yarn through those glued pieces, tying each end to the first piece of yard. Oh jeez. Is this even making sense?!” ~ Jessica
(It makes perfect sense to me!)

Lastly she glued a yarn hanger on the back and the fun orange foam spiders to make it extra spooky!

Next up, Name Monsters!  How cute are these!?!?!

“A wrote her name on one side of a folded piece of paper. We cut around her name and unfolded it to see what shape it made. Then she turned it into a monster of her choice (I cut out arms and legs for her to glue). She made a mummy. :)” ~ Jessica

Here is the learning part of the activity that I love.  Writing names works on fine motor skills, name recognition and reading skills.  Experimenting with guessing what the shape will look like and what it could be goes to math and science basics.  Love it!  All wrapped up into a Halloween Mummy craft.

Halloween Crafts

“H and A  made “Jack-o-lanterns” out of paper bags. They painted the bags orange (they came out red on camera), then they cut out shapes for the face and a leaf. We stuffed them with newspaper and tied them at the top. My plan was to make more of these to create a pumpkin patch in our house but that didn’t quite work out. Also, with the heart eyes, they kind of look like Valentines decorations. Ha!” ~ Jessica

The last Halloween craft for this year is the Bat Hands!

A little bit of paint, and construction paper make this an inexpensive idea and its very quick.

Jessica and her girls cut out the center body of the Bat, but you could draw it on and let the children paint or color it with crayons.  Then she had A write out the word bat under it all.  (again with the fine motor skills and learning going on, hidden inside a fun holiday craft!)

The next few ideas come from the other side of the country!  From New Jersey, down to Ft. Bragg and Ft. Stewart!

Spooky Paper Plate Spider

First we start with a Spooky Paper Plate Spider!  This was created by Michelle’s daughter (Z).  She is 3.  “This is Z’s 3y/o take on a spooky spider. The basic idea was a paper plate painted and string strung through holes to create the web with a small spider attached. Z wanted lots of colors, very little web, and a giant spider. I encourage creativity so it might not be as I pictured it but it works!” ~ Michelle

From a 3 y/o girl, to an 8 year old boy project.  Here is a Ninja Pumpkin, based on his favorite book.  They used fabric and glue to create this one!  I love this, because it is not carved so it stays nice longer.  Plus, after Halloween it could still be made into yummy pumpkin foods!

Last but not least is little Miss R’s project.  This is actually the project that started all of the fall crafting ideas, so I thought it was nice to save it for the end!

Her Mom, Karla, actually found this idea on Pinterest!  The original Monster Mobile tutorial is available here from Happy Hooligans!  When Karla showed me the monster mobiles, that is when I decided we should do a Fall Craftin Around the Country series! It is just too cute to pass up!


  1. Those crafts are all adorable, thanks for sharing with us!