Military Families and Moving

Most of you know that military families move a lot, as well as you know that Hubs and I have lived in 4 states in 5 years.  We have been in Montana a whole 10 months now :)  I hope that it is at least 3 more years before we move again…awe wishful thinking.  That is a lot of moving, and boxes, and packing paper, and a lot of choices as to where we will live.  We have lived off post, sometimes by choice and sometimes because the wait list was extremely long for on-post housing.

   Military families and moving:

Ft. Bliss was that way.  We were on the waiting list for housing for nearly 9 months before we had the option of moving on-post but by then we loved our neighborhood and our neighbors, so we chose to stay off post.  Military families, are you an on-post bunch/off post or a little bit of both?  If you live off post did you buy a home or rent?

The housing information in this infographic did not surprise me all that much but the fact that kids can move 6-9 times during their school years did.  I am sure it surprised me because Hubs and I do not have kids, so it’s not something I have put a lot of thought into yet.  But really 6-9 times?  That is a lot of  Goodbyes and See-You-Laters for kids, it’s a lot of adults!

I switched school districts once when I was in Elementary school.  Just one time, and you would have thought my Mom moved me to the Moon and told me that everyone else was dead on Earth.  Yep, that is how well I handled that transition.  (See I have never been a fan of change lol)

I cannot even imagine how hard that many moves are for kids.  Do they think it is somewhat normal after a while?  I wouldn’t guess that, I have yet to get used to moving all the time.  If you have children, how would you help them to understand all of the moving?  Or if you’re a Military Family that has moved a lot, what has worked for you?

I would love to hear your tips and suggestions!


  1. We have moved 10 times in 15 years. My kids have been champs about moving. As they have gotten older it has gotten more difficult. We have chosen to stay where we are for the next few years to allow my oldest to graduate from high school here. My two younger ones took the last move hard. When we found out we were to move again they cried. But my husband decided to pcs without us so he could come

  2. We don't have any kids but I am one who did not like change. I was a planner (emphasis on was) as I am aware you know that you can plan all you want for a military move but it is never going to go as you plan. I have moved 3 times in 3 years but luckily we should be here for 3-5. I am now much better at letting things just be how they will be and roll with the changes! I feel like I am a

  3. Our neighbors are Army and they have been here for 7 or 8 years which is very rare. They almost had to move a few years ago but he was promoted and allowed to stay here for a while longer. Our kids play are good friends with their (5 of them) so it was terrible on the kids when they thought they were leaving. I can’t imagine how tough it is on kids to have to uproot so often.

  4. Thanks so much for all of your insight as well as what you sacrifice for our safety and freedom!