Zombie Outbreak at the University of Montana #Missoula

Zombie Outbreak at the University of Montana #Missoula

Humans vs. Zombies!  It’s like a giant game of tag for grownups!
Humans vs. Zombies

 Humans vs. Zombies was invented at Goucher College in 2005. The game spread virally across the internet as students first gained access to Facebook, and told their friends from home about the game. Today, HvZ is played at over 650 colleges and universities across the world, as well as high schools, military bases, summer camps, and public libraries.

The game has spread like wildfire, or zombies….. to every continenet except Antartica, but they would love to figure that one out as well!

This week Hubs is participating in the University of Montana Humans vs. Zombies game.  He was so excited to tell me about this, seriously excited like a small child on Christmas morning.  Day 1 Hubs survived as a human but… he began taunting the zombies.  Which, or course led him to be a zombie by the end of day 2.
     “Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ) is a game of tag that can be played by almost anyone, in almost any situation.
     It’s inclusive – the more people you have playing with you the more enjoyable it is. And if your fellow players aren’t your friends when the game begins there’s a good chance they will be by the time it’s over. HvZ was invented on a college campus, but the rules have been expanded for offices, high schools, neighborhoods, summer camps and dozens of other settings.
     Participating in the game forces players to view their lives from a different perspective than they otherwise would. The simple task of walking to class or getting dinner becomes an adventure, and many players are left with a new appreciation for their everyday lives.  We notice these benefits even when returning to our professional lives. Humans vs. Zombies also creates real friendships.
     Many of our players tell us that their most memorable, proud moments have happened during the game. Others tell us that they find their best friends while playing this game… some of our players have even gotten married. That’s no coincidence. Humans vs. Zombies requires you to put your “life” (or “un-life”) in the hands of your fellow players. Participants find themselves swept up in an absurd game of tag, and are left with a camaraderie that lasts long after they have stopped playing.
     Sometimes I worry that our generation has become so wrapped up in our own self-representation that we have forgotten how to have these kinds of authentic experiences. That is simply unacceptable to me. Humans vs. Zombies represents a way of holding on to our need to have fun for no other reason than to have fun, and a way to give oneself over completely to a social experience.” ~ inventor Chris Weed


Zombie Outbreak

The first day I checked out the stats for the University of Montana Human vs. Zombies, and there were only about 100 players which means more and more people are playing each day!  The graphic shows this mornings current stats, the humans are still out numbering the zombies but I have a feeling that will change today!

I will be keeping an eye on the stats and I will put the final tally up Thursday evening when the game is over!

Is there a Human vs. Zombie game near you?  Find out here!


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