Clothes Pin Winter Wreath #DIY

Clothes Pin Winter Wreath #DIY

     Did you see my post about our fall wreath?  The Candy Corn Clothes Pin Wreath was fun and simple, and I loved it!  I loved it enough that for the winter, I wanted to make another wreath like it.

     For the full tutorial on how to make a clothes pin wreath, please see my fall post here.

     The Winter Wreath needed to be more in the icy tones, rather than Christmas colors, because I plan to keep it up for more than the month of December.  I like to do that with some of our decorations, like when I change up things in our bathroom, I pick out winter items so they last longer and we can enjoy them more.

     Instead of starting from scratch, and remaking a whole new wreath I reworked a few pieces for winter.  I removed the orange and yellow clothes pins, and saved them in a ziplock with our Fall Decorations.  Then I painted new clothes pins in 3 shades of icy blue and teal.

   Of course, all of the clothes pins needed a top coat of clear glitter paint!

     I grouped them in pairs by color.  I still used the exact same number of clothes pins as the fall project, and I used all of the white ones from that wreath too.  So this winter project was way less expensive, and I only spent like $6 on the first one!

     I hung the wreath with a snowflake tulle fabric, which goes all the way up over the door and ties to our existing coat rack.  Super secure, the wind is not going to move this wreath at all!

     Lastly I added a star ornament to the wreath, it is hanging by its original string which is safety pinned to the fabric.  (On the backside of course)  I love our fall wreath, and this one can stay up far beyond December 25th!