Coffee Mug Storage and Display – My Mug Wall!

Coffee Mug Storage and Display – My Mug Wall!

Coffee Mug Display

     I love coffee, all things coffee!  Which has lead to a collection of coffee mugs that takes up an 2 whole shelves in a large kitchen cabinet.  I love each and every one of them.  Giving them up is not a valid option, I have tried to sort them by size etc to organize them better but even if I stack them, which is unsafe they take up way too much room.  I decided to get creative and come up with an “Out of the Cabinet” way to store them and get my coffee mugs on display.

     I went to Pinterest and looked for Coffee Mug Displays, which I found a lot of but they were all shelves.  I have no where to attach shelves.  Our kitchen is an odd set up!
     There are 2 doors, it has 3 different functions and it is open to the dinning room and living room.  Plus there is a washer and dryer to contend with, so there is no chance of shelves sticking out far, and there is only 1 wall that is even close to being an option for storage/display.
Kitchen layout
mug spoon wall display

My Inspiration

Then I came across the Spoon and Mug Wall by, while looking through google photos.  I was on like page 5-6 by that time but I found what I was looking for!

It is fantastic but I could not find directions!  When I followed the link it took me to Better Homes and Gardens.  Which is frustrating, and I could not find it on their site.  So, back to google I went!  I did find several people who had the same problem I did, no directions!  But they shared their experiences in trying to recreate this awesome spoon mug wall!

For other examples of coffee mug storage ideas:

Frugal Pug Mug Wall  (They spend about $45, but used metal and burlap)
A spoon mug wall created by students
Even an example on Ryobi Nation‘s site!
     The only one with some instructions was the Ryobi Nation post, which drilled holes through 1X1 boards.  I did not really care for the look of those, and they glued the spoons in.  I wanted to be able to dismantle mine, because well….I like to change my mind!  Then I found this Spoon Mug Wall by We Make Cool Things!  but again they drilled holes.
     Instead here is what I did.  I spend less than $7 on my whole project, most of which went to spoons.

You will need to make your own Mug Wall:

  • Wood strips: exmples would be leftovers, or even lattice work wood
  • Paint
  • Screws
  • Spoons
  • Mugs
  • Magnets & paper (optional)

Hubs’ Mom had given us this accordion style display a few months ago, but it was missing some of its nobs.  We decided that the wood was perfect for the project and the holes were probably perfectly spaced.  We would have to test that after we took the original piece apart.

After taking all the pieces apart, I paired up the wood strips to find matching sets of equal length.  There were 7 sets that were the longest.  I ended up using 5 sets (10 pieces of wood).
I painted them the same green color I had leftover from the Hutch Project.  The color was suggested by my cousin, Viv!  Which worked out nicely since the hutch and the spoon mug wall face each other on opposite sides of one big open space.

I had to test to see if the wood could even hold the spoons and still come together, since my plan was to sandwich the spoons between 2 pieces of wood.  Hoping that the end result would be strong enough to hold up my mugs!  I used drywall screws for my test run.  They held great, and were another FREE item leftover from a project back in Nebraska.  That was 5 states and 10 years ago.

I knew I did not want to put 30 drywall screws into the wall, we are renting here!  So i decided that 3 drywall screws should do the trick and then I dug up smaller screws of the same color (not pictured) to fill in the other holes and keep the spoons steady.  I was not sure when I was at this point if the screws would be visible at the end, and if they were I wanted them to match.

spoon wall
     I used tape to layout where I wanted all 5 sets to go on the wall.  Nothing in our home matches up, so I purposly offset them all, way easier than making them form one neat area.  I used a level and then started attaching them to the wall.  I would have more photos of the process, but I was home alone at the time.  I will do my best to describe it below.
making a coffee mug display
     I started on the right side.  I screwed through both layers of wood, without any spoons in place.  Then I slid in 2 spoons, and placed one more screw in the middle of the board to hold them in place.  Adding in more spoons as I worked my way across the board.  It was a bit interesting to keep things together without someone there to hand me more screws and tools but it worked out!
     As you can see in the photo above, the screws are very visible, and I was not a fan.  So I texted this photo to several friends asking for opinions.  (the bottom row has a single layer of green paint on the screws) One friend, Michelle, suggested I use magnets to stick to the screws with jewels or something to hide them.  Well a trip to the store helped me out.  I purchased a roll of magnet tape, and scrapbook paper.  Punched out some circles with a big paper punch and created custom magnets!
     Now I can change out my wall whenever I want!    Seasonal colors, Holidays, or even if I just get board I can change them up.  I used about 1/8th of the magnet roll that I purchased for the coverup portion of this coffee mug display wall.
     Here you can see the spoons are sandwiched between the 2 boards, which also gives a bit of room behind the spoon to slide the mugs in without cracking them or damaging the wall behind.
 coffee mug storage

I love the end result, and my cabinet is so much easier to use without worrying that my mugs will come tumbling out any time I open it up.  If I ever need more mugs, I can just simply grab them off of the Mug Wall and when I am done they go right back.

I think I may want to add a vinyl to the wall, where I put the graphics in my photo.  I am not really sure what I want them to say but I think it would be nice to add them in.  Below is a photo of the finished Coffee Mug Display without any of the wording, just the wall as it looks in our kitchen.

coffee mug display
Coffee Mug Display with Spoons

Oh, one more thing.  If you are wondering if the project has held up, or if the mugs will fall off?  I completed this project 2 weeks ago.  It is on the wall that touches our dryer, and is connected to the house next door – also their dryer wall.  We have all been doing laundry, and going about normal business without a single mug falling, or moving.

The best part?  I can keep all my mugs, and even if we move again, the entire project can be taken down and reassembled wherever life takes us next!

*Update* After publishing this post a friend asked me if there was a reason for keeping each mug.  Like were they gifts? Is there a story to them?  The answer is yes, each mug on the wall has a story and a reason for being special.  Some are from gifts, some are special life events and some (like the penguin) are just awesome and have been around for 3-5 moves across the country and have earned their place on the wall!



  1. I love this! Our coffee mugs take up a ton of space too and I'm always wanting to purchase new ones but then I dont because we don't have space. This is a great excuse to get more mugs!

  2. I love this!! I wish all my kitchen wallspace wasn't taken up by other pinterest projects!

  3. This is perfect!! I so need to do this, and I rent too. All of my mugs are special to me and my daughter. And they have taken over the cabinet. I too have the perfect wall, at the end of the short kitchen. It’s perfect! Thank you!!!

  4. Do you want to come decorate my house? You have such creative decor!