Wreath Centerpiece – Our Fall Table

Wreath Centerpiece – Our Fall Table

wreath centerpiece

     I love fall, and I enjoy decorating for the seasons in our home, and I have a love of wreaths!  In fact, my love of wreaths has led to having more than 1 wreath for our front door for Fall.  I created one this year out of clothes pins, but I also have a more traditional wreath I have used in previous years.  

     One reason I changed up my wreath this year is because my traditional wreath is broken.  It is not completely broken, but when I went to use it this year, I did notice that the back was almost completely cracked in half.  I guess it happens during moves and storage but I was not ready to just throw away the wreath.  

     It is hard to see in the photo above, but I glued the back of the wreath together, and then glued felt to keep it sturdy.  It would work on our front door but I decided to change it up a bit.  

     I picked up these two items at Joann’s in the clearance section.  I paid less than $10 for both items, one is a roll of orange mesh material, normally used for bubbly wreaths and on the left is a doily style table runner with leaves.  These go great with my yellow table.  

     After placing the orange mesh fabric and the table runner down, I put a clear plastic table cloth.  I use the plastic table cloth on my table every day.  It protects my table and my vintage tablecloths from food and other items.  
     Lastly I put my fall wreath on the table along with one of my decorative bowls, that is on a pedestal.  I love the layers, and the overall look with the wreath centerpiece.  It is Fall, without being too themed and looks lovely with my table.  
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