Burlap and Purple Christmas Tree – DIY Burlap Garland

Burlap and Purple Christmas Tree – DIY Burlap Garland

     This year, you have seen my Tacky Chic Christmas tree, but now you get to see the beautiful tree that Hubs created.  His tree is always classy and elegant and this year keeps up with tradition.  This year Hubs picked a burlap and purple theme for the Christmas tree he decorated.

Purple and Burlap garland

     Hubs used all of the purple Christmas ornaments that we have, and the purple and gold tree skirt and added his own burlap garland that he made out of a single yard of fabric!  WAY cheaper than buying the rolls of burlap.  I picked this piece up in the remnant section for $1.25 about a year ago and it has been hanging out in the closet since then.

Making Burlap Garland

     I did not think it was possible to use a single yard of fabric and have enough garland for the entire 7 foot tree, but he proved me wrong!  He marked each corner at 3 inches in, marking all the way to the center, and then cut it out like a big spiral.  He left the corners squared, which I love when I am looking at the tree, I can find them and it keeps it looking handmade and unique.

Burlap and Purple Christmas Tree
  I love this tree, and not because it is my favorite color but because it is just pretty and elegant.  It is not the brightest or the shiniest tree in the world but it is stunning in person!

     Oh and you can see my latest addition to my funky Christmas figurines, the tall snowman.  He is named Toby, yep he came with a name and is made by River Wood right here in Montana.  They actually pull wood right out of the Clark Fork river to create these awesome snowmen, and the arms are removable for easy storage.  I love him!  And he is is 4 feet tall!


River-wood Snowman

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