Candy Cane Tree Topper – It’s a Tacky Chic Christmas

Candy Cane Tree Topper – It’s a Tacky Chic Christmas

    We have more than 1 Christmas tree every year, one is usually a very classy look – that Hubs decorates and one is always more unique – which I decorate.

In past years I have hung a tree upside down, had an all ornament tree, a blanket tree but this year is a whole new plan.  After seeing a great candy cane wreath, (there is a very detailed tutorial on that link) that a friend pinned I knew it would make a great tree topper if I could figure out how to support it.

I set out to make one, it took a lot of candy canes.  Luckily, the dollar store sells the plastic ones in big packages.

One thing I noticed is that some of the candy canes are crooked.  That makes them very hard to glue!

I did have plenty of candy canes, even with the bent ones!  After I got my circle of candy canes glued, I needed a way to support my tree topper.  What you see is a snowflake glued to the front, that is just decoration.  It is hiding a whollllllllllle bunch of hot glue.  Also what you do not see.  Each place where the heart sides connect, I tied with fishing line.  This helps support them with more than just hot glue and you don’t see it!  Then the next step is figuring out how to make it stand up, on top of a tree.    Simply wrapping a branch of our artificial tree around the base would not be enough.

     Hubs actually came up with a solution that worked.  He does that a lot, I have a wacky plan, and he makes it happen.  Hubs remembered that the tree we planned to use was hollow.  That’s how we were able to hang it upside down one year.  So we just needed a dowel or stick to support it!  Which we already had in the crafty closet!

A bit more hot glue, and that stick was stuck!  I painted it with the same cranberry paint I used on the Picture Frame Wreath.  I did not want any of the stick to show, but if it did it was going to be the right color!

Candy cane tree topper

     Into the hollow tree pole!

      The topper went on before almost everything else, as you can see in the photos.  Why?  Because the stick was so long that the tree had to almost lay down to get it all together.

     The candy cane tree topper, inspired the entire tree theme this year.  A homemade ornament tree was the plan.  I used ornaments made in the past like Lollipops, and new ones created this year like ribbon ornaments and Santa’s list ornaments, but when it was complete, the overall look was a bit …. crazy.

But it was crazy in a great way, the same way that a Ugly Christmas Sweater is awesome, so was my tree.  I texted a quick photo to another friend, who said it was amazing, but that it wasn’t awesome like an Ugly Christmas Sweater it was great because it was the perfect Tacky Chic Christmas Tree!

tacky chic Christmas

*update* the tree skirt is a blanket my Great Grandma made me years ago.


  1. Very creative!