Moccamaster Coffee Maker Review

Moccamaster Coffee Maker Review


     Technivorm Moccamaster (sponsor) coffee makers are handmade – down to the smallest detail. For more than 40 years, Gerard C. Smit and his staff at Technivorm in the Netherlands have focused on one thing: making coffee makers. Gerard C. Smit started the business in his own home with a clear vision of creating a coffee brewer capable of brewing the best possible coffee.  A Moccamaster is extra fireproof, with the brewing element and hot plate manufactured separately and working separately. All coffee makers are handmade in the Netherlands.

     I have been eyeing a Moccamaster coffee maker for quite a while, so when they contacted me about trying out the KBG741 AO model I was so excited!  I picked the Fresh Green color, because it stood out to me and it goes with all the great colors in the kitchen.  

The Moccamaster model KBG741 AO comes in 10 colors

     There is a little bit of assembly when it arrives, just the arm that brings water from one side to the filter basket.  So just 1 thing and removing all the packing materials.  Would you consider that assembly required?  Thats about all the assembling I do without Hubs but it was simple and the instructions.  

     What I love:  I love that the water heating element turns off when it is done brewing, so the only part that stays hot is the hotplate to keep your coffee toasty warm.  I also love that there is a 5 year warranty, yep 5 years!  Plus when the time comes to finally unplug your Moccamaster for the last time it is completely recyclable.  

my Moccamaster

     Of course all of that is great, but the most important part is whether or not it makes good coffee.  and IT DOES!  The coffee brews at the perfect temperature, and quickly.  The coffee comes out wonderful, and no need to swirl the pot around to distribute the full coffee flavor around.  The carafe lid has a funnel so the fresh brewed coffee fills the carafe from the bottom.

     Technivorm Moccamaster is the only coffee brewing machine that has all its models approved by Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and the European Coffee Brewing Centre (ECBC).  

     This has become our daily coffee brewer.  Hubs loves to watch the water bubble up from the heating element, and I love that first sip of coffee each and every morning.  It makes my day perfect!  

Moccamaster silver

     Moccamaster coffee makers are available at local retailers, you can check out a list on their website or connect with them on Facebook!  Also, stay tuned for an amazing giveaway of a Silver KBG741 AO Moccamaster coffee maker starting NOW, find the giveaway right here.  

*Disclosure*  I received a Moccamaster coffee maker for the purposes of this review.  I was not required to post a positive review, and I was not paid in any other form.  


  1. This looks AWESOME. I especially love all the colors it comes in!

  2. It's so neat that it's completely recyclable. I don't know of any appliance that I have that can boast that. And handmade? That's awesome. I love it when something I buy is made with love and care.

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  4. As Maureen

    I love just as stated above that the heating element will turn off. It is great if there are distractions and you forget. This is a wonderful safety element.

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  10. 5 year warranty is something that you can't find on most small appliances

  11. Exquisite coffee machine that is built on the principle of brewing the perfect cup of coffee every time. A "Moccamaster is extra fireproof, with the brewing element and hot plate manufactured separately and working separately." – now that's cool and extra-reassuring. Handmade in the Netherlands- I'd take any, especially chrome, or Purple. Thanks

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    I also like that it will turn off after a certain amount of time since real life sometimes makes you forget to go back and do that once the coffee has you up and going at a full run.

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  31. Wow, I love the looks of this machine, especially the various colors.

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