Outdoor Apartment Decorating for Christmas

Outdoor Apartment Decorating for Christmas

     I have said it before, and I will keep saying it because its true.  I have some very creative friends!  Today I am sharing with you some fun ideas to keep the outdoor area of an apartment festive for the Holidays.

     Military families move a lot, so our Holiday decorations need to be multi-purposed.  You just never know if the next place you live in will have a great big yard for all those fun outdoor decorations!  But that does not mean giving up the option of decorating outside.

     Amanda set out to decorate their apartment near Ft. Bliss this year, with a few ideas from previous years, other Holidays and her own creative side.

     She crocheted these adorable Christmas stockings to add to her front window display!  I am not sure if she used a pattern, or just figured it out on her own…and she is not answering her phone right now so I can not ask her.  But I will!

    She added the stockings to her front window, with Christmas bulbs and lights!  Some garland and bows on the front railings/gates and a great wreath!

     My favorite part of her Christmas display is the wreath Amanda made!  It is beautiful and completes her apartment decorating for Christmas!  She used the tutorials for a Yarn Wreath here, and the idea from this Halloween Wreath to create a unique Christmas wreath.  Then she even wrapped the word JOY with yarn too!


  1. I love these crafts because they look like they are very easy to make. Pinning for Christmas this year!