Tulle Bow Christmas Ornaments #DIY

Tulle Bow Christmas Ornaments #DIY

I love homemade ornaments, which I am sure you have seen this season with all of my posts.  We are using homemade ornaments for one of our themed threes this Christmas!

So when a friend of mine shared a pin with me, that had a Tulle Bow Tutorial, I thought it would make a perfect addition to our Tacky Chic Christmas Tree!  But Hubs even claimed a few for his very classy purple tree as well.

Tulle Bow

Making them was super simple and requires no hot glue at all, so this is a perfect project for anyone in the family.  I would go into detail how to make them but The Hair Bow Company has a great tutorial, which is what I followed.

Making a tulle bow

     I made tulle bows in 3 colors, deep purple – green – and silver!

purple tulle bow


     They turned out great, and look nice on both of our Christmas trees this year.  I think the green ones are my favorite.