Lighting Makeover with GE reveal

Lighting Makeover with GE reveal

The new year celebrating has passed, and spring is just around the corner.  Well for some of the country it is, here in Montana we still have 3-4 months of snow headed our way.  But all this new year, new season has me thinking of making over some of our rooms.

An easy way to make any room look fresher, brighter and all around happier is with lighting.  Many light bulbs cast a yellowish glow on a room, which is not like natural sunlight at all but GE reveal bulbs you can get a fresher brighter look, instantly.  With GE reveal’s innovative clean light, that makeover just got easier!  These bulbs are now available at Target.

You’ll be amazed at how GE reveal bulbs replace yellow, dingy lighting with crisp, white light that makes colors and patterns pop, transforming homes from ordinary to extraordinary with just the flip of a switch. Even better, GE reveal bulbs are available in LED, for an energy efficient way to brighten your home.

ge reveal

Watch this video to see how GE reveal lighting can makeover a whole space, and bring a fresh feel to a room.

Buy GE reveal® at a Discount at Target!

     Not only are GE reveal LED bulbs available almost exclusively at Target, but there you can find great prices and savings on all GE reveal solutions. Target’s Cartwheel App provides savings for in-store purchases of GE reveal (as well as many of the other items you will likely need in the upcoming months).

Simply download Target’s money-saving Cartwheel app, (available on Apple IOS here and Android here), select the GE reveal (and any other savings you need) and head to your local Target for great deals!  If you have not discovered the Cartwheel app for Target yet, you will be amazed at the savings you can find there.  It’s a great way to save, even when you forget to bring the coupons you clipped with you to the store.  I know that I am always doing that but with my phone and Cartwheel I do not have to worry about that anymore.

In addition to the Cartwheel app, you can print a $2 off GE reveal coupon below.  Just follow the link for more savings!

$2 GE Reveal light bulbs

As new energy-efficiency standards are set to take place January 1, 2014, consumers can choose among GE reveal® halogen, CFL, and LED bulbs in addition to GE Lighting’s other energy-efficient options.

lighting makeover

Next week I will be revealing my very own lighting makeover using the GE reveal bulbs!  You will be amazed at the difference a couple light bulbs can make in our home.

GE is proud to continue its long tradition of innovation in lighting and hopes you enjoy your new lighting experience with clean beautiful light of GE reveal® bulbs. For more information, please visit GE reveal.



*disclosure*  I am working with GE reveal to bring you this information on their new lighting options as well as sharing my experience with their products.  I did receive products free of charge in order to share my experiences, but my opinions are my own and were not influenced by any other source.