Staying connected with Vonage #VonageBox

Staying connected with Vonage #VonageBox

     Lets talk about staying connected.  We have social media, like Facebook Twitter and Pinterest, which are great for sharing little snippets about our day and photos.  But what I am talking about is really connecting.  The kind of connections that happen in a long phone call, or over a cup of coffee.  While there is no replacement for spending time together in person sometimes as military families, that is just not an option.
     When we can not get together in person, a long phone call can energize a homesick heart like you would not believe.  Military families and those of us who live far from home can understand just how good a phone call home feels.  That is what Vonage is bringing to us all.
     The Vonage Box is bringing that connection home for military families.  When military families sign up for a Vonage calling plan, they get home phone number that moves with them, wherever the military sends them.  Yep, you just read that right!
How Vonage works:
     I wish we would have had this when Hubs’ brother was stationed with the Marines in Japan.  We would have been able to connect with him more over the 2 years he was away.

Vonage Box Calling Plan Features:

  • Unlimited¹ international calls to landlines in 60 countries and mobiles in 10 countries
  • Unlimited¹ calls to landlines and mobiles in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico
  • Free calling to other Vonage home phone service customers
  • Keep your current number or get a new one, no charge either way
  • Free shipping of your Vonage Box™ when you sign up for one year
  • Free activation

Getting started with Vonage is easy.  All you need is the Vonage Box, internet and a touch tone phone!  You can even stay connected anywhere by having your Vonage calls routed to your mobile phone.

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Thinking that Vonage would be a wonderful asset to your family?  Stay tuned, we will be giving away care packages including Vonage Box and 12 months of service to get you connecting with your loved ones again!