The Griz Coffee at Loose Caboose

The Griz Coffee at Loose Caboose

If you have spent time in the NW part of the country, I am sure you have seen or heard of huckleberries.  They are a “blue” and by blue I mean purple-ish berry that reminds me a lot of a blueberry.  Montanians – Montans,  (people who live in Montana) I should probably google that – but I won’t, love their wild huckleberries.  There is huckleberry jam, coffee, pancakes, taffy etc.


And they are not alone, I had my first taste of huckleberries this fall at Hubs’ Grandparents home and her huckleberry pie was sweet and tangy and pretty much just down right rich and delicious.  So when I was online the other day and discovered that one of the local coffee shops makes a latte with huckleberries, I had to try it.

Now, if you have been reading my blog for a while you know that I am not a big fan of flavored coffee.  But I do enjoy a latte with flavoring like mocha or caramel.  Well, one of the coffee kiosks here in Missoula, The Loose Caboose – named after the shape of their drive through coffee shops, combined mocha and huckleberries into a single drink.  The Griz at Loose Caboose is named after the University of Montana mascot, a grizzly bear.

I had to try The Griz.  Turns out, it reminds me a lot of Grandmas pie, if her pie had chocolate in it, and was a hot delicious liquid with no crust. Ok, so it did not remind me of the pie much at all except the huckleberry flavor, but it was good.  I could really taste the huckleberry flavor.

Loose Caboose

I do not think it will be my go-to drink at Loose Caboose – it would be hard for me to love another flavored latte more than their mocha peanut butter latte…., but Hubs would have a different vote.  I am pretty sure he would drink it every single day and he is not a coffee lover like myself.


  1. Huckleberry flavor Mocha- sounds interesting! I personally love my mocha loaded with chocolate, caramel, whole milk – with a splash of espresso lol

  2. I would not have thought of having them in coffee! Interesting!

  3. WOW! I've never tried Huckleberries, but it does sound like it would be a good flavor to try. That Peanut Butter Latte sounds really good! LOL

  4. Such a neat town…I want to visit!!!!