Puro Fairtrade Coffee Review

Puro Fairtrade Coffee Review


Puro CoffeeI love getting to try new coffee, so when Puro Fairtrade coffee contacted me about testing out a few of their beans I am more than happy to!

Puro Fairtrade coffee is lovingly blended, roasted and packed in Turnhout, Belgium by Miko, a company that has been roasting coffee since 1801 and is in fact older than their own country! The team at Miko don’t ever get cold feet because the heat generated from the coffee roasting process is recuperated and used to warm the offices and the production floor.

At Puro we see no sense in industrial growth at the expense of the community and the welfare of our planet. We aim to assist in every small way in halting the deforestation of our planet and are proud to have teamed up with the World Land Trust to assist in making it an economic reality.  Money from each bag of Puro coffee sold goes towards buying and protecting areas of rainforest vital for biodiversity in coffee producing countries.

I received 3 bags of Puro Fairtrade coffee:

  • Puro Organic Fairtrade – This is the mellowest of the group.  Perfect to drink black, and enjoy the flavors.  Puro Organic was Hubs’ favorite.
  • Puro Noble Fairtrade – Can I describe a coffee as tasting happy? Well I am going to anyways.  Puro Noble blend tasted happy to me.  It was mild in flavor but not as mellow as the Puro Organic.  Each sip has a bit of a surprise umph at the end.
  • Puro Fuerte Fairtrade – My favorite of the 3 types, the Puro Fuerte blend is delicious.  It is the type of coffee that will wake you up in the morning, and be glad that you are awake.  It has the boldest of flavors without being too darkly roasted.
  • Oh and the super cute cup and saucer!

Overall I was really pleased with the Puro coffee selections. I would buy the Puro Fuerte on a regular basis, if I could find it locally.  (By the way, they are looking or American distributors!)  Puro Fairtrade also has a selection of teas and hot chocolate as well.

To learn more about Puro Fairtrade coffee you can connect with them through their website (you should check out the cuteness) or on Facebook.



*disclosure* I received the products, mentioned above, from Puro Fairtrade coffee – free of charge.  The thoughts expressed are my own, and were not influenced by anyone else, based on my experiences.  I was not paid in any other form.


  1. Oh I love a dark roast coffee and love that it is fairtrade.

  2. I must give this a try . Love new coffee.

  3. Their coffee sounds tasty! When they have a distributor let me know..I checked their site and I could not find where to order. Guess they need a USA distributor to sell to USA! Keep us informed if they get one! You know I too am a coffee nut! or should I say coffee beanie! :)

  4. thanks for the review, I love trying new coffees! this one looks great!

  5. My husband really liked these as well. I hope we start seeing them in stores soon!

  6. Love trying new coffee myself! I’d probably like the Puro Noble Fairtrade more though. I love the cute cup and saucer too! :)

  7. Yummo! I run on coffee as well, so I’m anxious to try this delicious brand!