Mother’s Day in Superior, Montana and an Old Barn

Mother’s Day in Superior, Montana and an Old Barn

This past weekend Hubs and I headed out to his Grandparents home in Superior, Montana.  It was nice to get out of town, and see spend time with family.  I love going to their house, it is so peaceful out there.  We took a back road on the way and stumbled on this great old barn thats still being used.  I just love the look of it up against the mountain!  Montana BarnWe had a lovely weekend working in the garden and going to church with his Grandparents.  It is always nice to get away even if it is just for a day.


  1. Beautiful – beautiful I know why people live there and never leave!

  2. I just love this picture. An awesome view.

  3. That is such a beautiful picture! I really need to come visit you. Although I am pretty sure my camera will go bonkers with all the photo taking I would do!

  4. I love love love old barns! I just wish we knew the stories behind them all. Wish they could talk!