Dishwasher Safe Glitter Coffee Mug

Dishwasher Safe Glitter Coffee Mug

I love coffee mugs and collect them on my Coffee Mug Display Wall.  It is amazing, and reminds me of all the wonderful people who have given me coffee cups over the years.  Plus it leaves some room available in our cabinets.  I love giving coffee mugs as gifts as well, which is why I ended up creating this DIY dishwasher Safe glitter coffee mug.

dishwasher safe glitter coffee mug

It all started with a trip to Joann’s.  One of the few places where I should not be trusted with a debit card.  :)  But this time it worked out great!  I stumbled upon these great Decoupage Mediums by Plaid and Martha Stewart.  They are all dishwasher safe! It was like a moment of coffee mug genius at the craft store.  I knew I had to find some superfine glitter and make this dishwasher safe glitter mug as soon as possible.

The product has you clean the surface well with soap and water, and then clean it with rubbing alcohol to remove any finger oil residue.  Super important!  And yes I actually read the directions, which is strange for me but I wanted this craft to work out for the long run.

diy glitter coffee mug

Then I taped off the area I wanted to fill with glitter.  Taping a round tapered surface is not as simple as I had imagined.  If I do this project again, I will not glitter the handle.  That was a pain….

Next add a thin layer of decoupage medium and let it dry.  Then add another layer, when the 2nd layer is dry add a 3rd.  Instead of letting the 3rd layer dry here is where the glitter comes in.  Dump the glitter allllllll over the surface of the mug!  Make sure to get it all over the place, and put some paper under it all so you can catch the run-off.  Glitter is not cheap so do not waste it.  That stuff can go back into the jar for another project.

glitter coffee mug

This is when I removed the tape, before the 3rd layer dried.  In the photo above, you can see some extra glitter on the white part of the coffee mug.  It is just fine, and once the 3rd layer dries you can wipe it off.  After the layer holding the glitter dries you will need to add a few more layers of decoupage medium to make your glitter mug dishwasher safe.  I ended up adding 4 more layers of clear decoupage medium to the mug.  It takes a while for the layers to dry, so be patient.  You want them to set before adding another.

Finally we get the the hardest step.  Set the mug on a shelf and forget about it for 4 weeks.  Yep  28 days!  The decoupage medium needs to cure, in order for it to truly be dishwasher safe.  This is not simple.  I wanted to use it, test it, and ship it to my friend the next day. But I waited and after 4 weeks the mug traveled out to Hubs’ Grandparents home with us for a long weekend.  Why?  Because I needed to test the dishwasher – safeness, and we do not have a dishwasher.

dishwasher safe glitter coffee mug

I can tell you that 4 loads later and the mug looked exactly the same as when I finished it, maybe even sparklier!  This dishwasher safe glitter coffee mug is awesome, and I now have several in my collection.  Mine are purple, the green was done for a specific friend, since it is her favorite color.

I still have plenty of decoupage medium left and I am dreaming up my next project!

What would you make?



*this post is not sponsored in any way, I paid for the products myself*


  1. I love it, I think I’m going to do one in pink!!

  2. Ohhhhh! A black mug with a blue line is about to be made! I love this mug! I wish I had your crafty abilities.

  3. abedabun dawn :

    This would be a great project for bored kids during the summer.